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  • Talk About Faithblog

    Talk About Faith

    And I cry because I see the scab marks, Under ripped jeans, Rigid from a tough life, The knees were always kneeling o…
    stained bones

  • I Am Exisistanceblog

    I Am Exisistance

    I am not who you portray me to beI can be anything I wantI could be a mirror imageI could be a monster under your bedMy…
    stained bones

  • Dramatic Structureblog

    Dramatic Structure

    I remember when it wasn’t like this, Stuck on a never ending rising action And it’s getting a tad bit…
    stained bones

  • Behold Herblog

    Behold Her

    Part One Her fingers danced over ribs, Like piano keys pounded hard for that reassuring note. I wish I told her she…
    stained bones

  • Acidblog


    He asked me why I never wrote happy poems, But ones where life seemed to weigh heavily on tired shoulders. I looked aw…
    stained bones

  • A Fish Out of Waterblog

    A Fish Out of Water

    She exhales, Deep within the depth Where she will eventually implode. And the bubbles rise up, Like carbonation in…
    stained bones
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