Behind The Scenes Facts About The Cast Of Stranger Things

Almost three years exactly after season one captured audiences across the world, season three of the Netflix science fiction horror Stranger Things has finally been released! To celebrate the return of everyone’s favorite Demogorgon-fighting cast of kids, we’ve got some of the behind-the-scenes secrets and cast you may not know about the show that’ll turn… More »

What You Don’t Know About TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress

One of TLC’s most popular shows is Say Yes to the Dress. It takes place at Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan. The employees at the store do whatever they can to satisfy a bride’s every whim. Kleinfeld claims to have the largest selection of wedding dresses on earth, and over 200 employees help brides find the… More »

We’re Screaming Internally: Disney’s Live-Action Mulan Replaced Mushu

Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan is making some startling changes to the original animated film, like abandoning Mushu entirely. The DisInsider, which cited a source who saw an early screening of the live-action Mulan, claimed that the comedic dragon played by Eddie Murphy has been replaced by a phoenix. In March 2019, fans were under… More »

Someone Recreated The Entire Dunder Mifflin Office In Minecraft And It’s Spot On

The Office is such an iconic show. Honestly, let’s never stop reliving it. It’s never going to go away with the sheer volume of knock-offs *cough* Parks and Rec *cough*, and memes circulating online. Now there’s this tribute. One Reddit user posted a video of his Minecraft build where he recreated the entire Dunder Mifflin… More »

The Ridiculous Heights Of Caillou And Your Other Favorite Characters

After the long grind at the cartoon creation mill, sometimes animators forget average age and height sizes because they haven’t seen people in so long. These surprising character heights will make you wonder if it was a Wikipedia fan page shrugging and making up an arbitrary guess or an animator envisioning a world of giants…. More »

Actors Who Went Above And Beyond For Their Roles

Movies wouldn’t be the same without the incredible performances put on by the actors. Sure, the writing, directing and producing all play essential roles, but if there’s no one to act out the carefully written scripts, then you’re pretty much just experiencing a book being written aloud. Humans are 90% visual beings and performances by… More »

What’s Next For The Women Of Game Of Thrones Now That It’s Over

Game of Thrones introduced us to some pretty strong female characters. Now that the series is finally over though, you might be wondering what’s next for those leading ladies. Many of the Game of Thrones women worked on other projects during filming and have a bunch of new projects lined out. Take a look at… More »

The Craziest And Most Dramatic Outfits From The 2019 Met Gala

The theme for the 2019 Met Gala was “Notes of Camp.” No, that doesn’t mean the carpet was filled with cargo shorts. Pioneered by black drag queens in the 20th century, camp fashion embraces irony, humor, parody, theatrics, and exaggeration. The 2019 theme was an open invitation for celebrities to not take themselves so seriously,… More »

Behind The Scenes Of Troop Beverly Hills: Fun Film Facts And Catching Up With The Actors

It’s been 30 years since Troop Beverly Hills hit the big screen. For the first time since 1989, the cast recently reunited for Entertainment Tonight. They met at the Beverly Hills Hotel to reveal little-known-secrets from the show. In honor of this, we pulled together some rare facts about the movie, as well as what… More »

BTS Made History By Appearing On SNL Over The Weekend

NBC BTS made history over the weekend when they appeared as the musical guests on Saturday Night Live. They are the first K-pop group to perform as musical guests for the weekly show. The live broadcast format sets the stakes higher than most performances, but BTK sailed through their numbers without a hitch, not even… More »

Kaley Cuoco Posted A No-Makeup Selfie And Her Skin Is Perfection

Instagram/kaleycuoco Actress Kaley Cuoco has always been candid and open about her past skincare struggles, but after she posted a selfie of her makeup-free face on Instagram it’s clear those troubled days are long behind her. The Big Bang Theory star once told Pop Sugar that she had acne when she was a teenager. “It… More »

Every ’80s Reference From Stranger Things You Might Have Missed While Binge-Watching

Out of all the Netflix Originals, some stand above the rest. Whether it’s due to their action, the storytelling, the character development, or all of the above, some shows are just more enjoyable to watch. In 2016, the streaming service came out with one of its most ambitious shows yet, Stranger Things. The show did… More »

Timeless Movies That Are Totally Worth Rewatching

Everyone has at least one film that they can watch time after time. It’s a form of escape to forget about life’s struggles. Viewers can unwind with something that makes them feel happy and relaxed. Knowing that there’s nothing about it that’s going to change as the years go by. This list includes some of… More »

The Best Netflix Originals To Watch Right Now

Netflix is one of the largest streaming platforms in the world. There are thousands of TV shows and movies to watch at any time of the day. Many of the most popular programs today are actually exclusively on Netflix. Their shows are winning prestigious awards that were only going to network television less than a… More »

Remember These MTV VJs? Here’s What They’re Doing Now

Cast your mind back a couple of decades, to where the music was huge and MTV was king. Weren’t those the days? Before MTV was launched in 1981, we had to listen to the radio to hear the bands we love, but music videos were a game-changer. While MTV is still the go-to place for… More »

The Most Memorable Oscar Hosts Of All Time

The 91st Academy Awards air on Sunday, February 24, 2019. For the first time in nearly 30 years, the awards show will not have a host. Kevin Hart was initially offered the coveted spot but after past homophobic tweets surfaced, the Academy gave him an ultimatum: apologize or give up his hosting job. Hart refused,… More »

Everything You Don’t Know About “A League Of Their Own”

When Penny Marshall passed away in 2018, she left an incredible legacy behind. As a writer, director, and actress, she was beloved. One of her most memorable movies was A League of Their Own. The comedy is a retelling of the real-life story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Marshall filled the movie’s dugout… More »

The True Story Behind The “Blind Side”

Michael Oher was just 16 years old when his life changed forever. He went from living with a drug-addicted mother to becoming a professional football player in the span of a few years. Michael has one special family and a few others to thank for propelling him towards the life he lives today. His story… More »

Emma Stone Apologized for “Aloha” During Sandra Oh’s Golden Globes Speech

Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg kicked off the 2019 Golden Globe Awards with some serious snark. Oh took aim at Hollywood whitewashing, joking that Crazy Rich Asians is “the first studio film with an Asian American lead since Ghost in the Shell and Aloha.” While the camera didn’t cut to the audience, you can very… More »

Kiss Scenes That Were Never Meant To Happen (And Some That We Were All Waiting For)

On our favorite TV shows and movies, it’s always the scene with the “big kiss” that changes everything. Whether it solidifies two characters’ relationship with each other or just makes the plot thicken, you would think that these kisses were written into the script – but that isn’t always the case. From The Office to… More »

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