Video Vault: Acoustic Performances, William Beckett Is A Buzzmaker And More

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Here at Buzznet, we’re…

Artist Of The Month: Gypsy & The Cat

I can’t believe it’s March already!! As I’m sure most of you have…

12 Favorite “Merchies” Of 2012

SO just like drummers I feel like people tend to forget how important the “MERCHIES” on tour are. Without them you wouldn’t have all the awesome band tees you rock all the time! I decided to put together 12 of some of my favorite Merchies(I was told I had to add myself :p) and share… More »

Cobra Starship (LIVE) Snakes on a Plane

Travis Mccoy’s part of the song… @ Chain Reaction 10/7/06

GCH covering “Under The Bridge” (live)

Yay, it finally worked somewhere. Live @ Chain Reaction 10/7/06!

Brand New (LIVE) I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light

@ Bamboozle Left 10/15/06

Seasons (Live) Good Charlotte

9/30/06 I think this was the ONLY song they played off their first CD. I was so happy they played it, I left afterwards.

Paramore performing “My Heart”

Love this song. Its always so great to hear it live. KF Hollywood 9/6/06

Paramore performing “Franklin”

Live @ KF in Hollywood, 9/6/06

The Format – The Compromise

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