What These Famous Tourist Destinations Actually Look Like Compared To Instagram

You know those people you follow on Instagram who always post the perfect pictures when they’re traveling and you just think “how did they take this?” We all know that guy from your first-year psych lecture who visited every temple in Thailand or the girl you went to high school with who hit every landmark… More »

The Ridiculous Heights Of Caillou And Your Other Favorite Characters

After the long grind at the cartoon creation mill, sometimes animators forget average age and height sizes because they haven’t seen people in so long. These surprising character heights will make you wonder if it was a Wikipedia fan page shrugging and making up an arbitrary guess or an animator envisioning a world of giants…. More »

Liam Payne Reveals One Direction Was “Toxic”

Liam Payne revealed that being in One Direction was “toxic” and that he often turned to drinking to cope with his feelings. In a recent interview with Men’s Health Australia, Payne confessed that the group’s sudden fame was “jarring” and that most of the time he felt incredibly lonely, despite constant interaction with his fellow… More »

Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Finally Agree In “You Need To Calm Down”

The long-standing feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift ended in Taylor’s newest music video, “You Need To Calm Down.” Taylor Swift released her music video “You Need to Calm Down” on June 14th, the perfect month considering that plenty of people are celebrating Pride. The song illustrates how people should accept each other for… More »

How Millennials Are Disrupting the Travel Industry

Millennials like their travel. They are the generation who are always dashing off between full-time jobs for long breaks or taking time out to find themselves between more casual work. There are loads of speculative reasons why people believe that millennials travel so often. Some say it’s a reaction to the stability of their childhood,… More »

Russia Is Re-Making HBO’s Chernobyl And It Blames America

Yeah, I’m as confused as you are. In response to problems with the facts and production with the popular HBO miniseries Chernobyl, Russia has decided to tell its own version of the nuclear disaster at reactor 4. This spin-off includes the intervention of a malicious American CIA agent who causes the entire debacle. I for… More »

All The Best Wedding Registry Tips For Every Budget And Lifestyle

Let’s be real: imaging your future gifts is one of the most fun aspects of wedding planning. This is where wedding registries come in. Registries will recommend gifts that your guests can buy and keep track of everything purchased for you. But what’s the best way to navigate wedding registries? Certain registries can come with… More »

This Russian Cat Is The First To Have Bionic Paws

Cats really do have 9 lives. Ryzhik the tabby cat thought he was facing his certain end when he was found in Tomsk in the middle of January in the -40C cold. His limbs were so frostbitten and gangrenous that they had to be amputated. Thanks to surgeons at an animal clinic in Novosibirsk, what… More »

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