America’s Richest Self-Made Women

It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to become a multi-millionaire or billionaire. In this world, having money means having power. These women have a lot of money, which also means that they have a lot of influence. All of them are using their influence to make a world a better place for… More »

These Celebrities Are Serving Us Serious #NaturalHairGoals

Western beauty standards have long emphasized hair types that exclude certain women, especially women of color. For centuries, black women were conditioned to believe their natural hair wasn’t beautiful. But as society’s perception of beauty ideals has evolved, celebrities have started embracing their natural hair too. With role models like Zendaya, Alicia Keyes, and Viola… More »

Mesmerizing Photos Of Beautiful And Eerie Abandoned Places

It’s eerie to see a place that was once full of life become completely empty and neglected. All of these abandoned places look like they could serve as the set of a horror movie or a thriller. The people who occupied the building or the structure may be gone, but the place remains to tell… More »

Season 3 of Queer Eye Is Premiering in Four Days

The countdown to March 15 — the Season 3 premiere of Queer Eye — has reached the single digits. The Fab Five is back and the if the latest trailer has taught us anything, it’s that we’re in for an emotional rollercoaster. The two-minute snippet gives us a sneak peek at three of the newest… More »

Real Talk From Famous Women Who Have Had Their Heart Broken

They say celebrities are just like us, but are they really? They have so much more money than us, they live in nicer houses than us, and they’ve been able to turn their passions into a career. In some ways, it seems like they don’t have any problems at all. The thing is, love and… More »

These Female Film Characters Prove That Being Tough Isn’t Just About Physical Strength

For decades, filmmakers portrayed women as stereotypes. In many cases, women were essentially props used to help a man find his purpose. But when more women started getting involved in the off-camera decision making, many unique and three-dimensional female characters came to life. While there’s still a lot of work to be done, there has… More »

Note Left On Teen’s Windshield Nearly Breaks Her Heart After Reading It

It’s easy to make assumptions about strangers but in doing so, we often overlook the fact that we don’t know what they’re really going through. Some people might look completely fine and “normal” on the outside, but could be going through something heavy on the inside. This is precisely what happened to one English teen… More »

The Most Dangerous Beauty Trends In History

We’ve all heard the phrase “pain is beauty, beauty is pain.” It’s an homage to the hard work that women have put into maintaining their looks for centuries. Today, celebrities like Kim Kardashian spend over $1,700 a day just on their makeup routine, and that’s not including the cost of surgeries, personal trainers, and hiring… More »

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