Liam Payne Reveals One Direction Was “Toxic”

Liam Payne revealed that being in One Direction was “toxic” and that he often turned to drinking to cope with his feelings. In a recent interview with Men’s Health Australia, Payne confessed that the group’s sudden fame was “jarring” and that most of the time he felt incredibly lonely, despite constant interaction with his fellow… More »

Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Finally Agree In “You Need To Calm Down”

The long-standing feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift ended in Taylor’s newest music video, “You Need To Calm Down.” Taylor Swift released her music video “You Need to Calm Down” on June 14th, the perfect month considering that plenty of people are celebrating Pride. The song illustrates how people should accept each other for… More »

This Bracelet Shocks You If You Eat Too Much, And My Summy Bod Needs It ASAP

We could all use a little help in our lives to protect us from ourselves. You might not have the money to pay someone to stand next to you and slap you every time you commit a bad habit (more on that coming next) but the Pavlok bracelet may be a viable alternative. Said to… More »

The Most Watched Netflix Shows Of All Time

The push for original content on Netflix is bigger than ever, with the streaming service spending $12 billion on content creation in 2018, and a forecasted $15 billion in 2019. Netflix is infamous for keeping the ratings for their shows private, only ever releasing statistics if a show is doing particularly well, and they usually… More »

All The Best Wedding Registry Tips For Every Budget And Lifestyle

Let’s be real: imaging your future gifts is one of the most fun aspects of wedding planning. This is where wedding registries come in. Registries will recommend gifts that your guests can buy and keep track of everything purchased for you. But what’s the best way to navigate wedding registries? Certain registries can come with… More »

This Russian Cat Is The First To Have Bionic Paws

Cats really do have 9 lives. Ryzhik the tabby cat thought he was facing his certain end when he was found in Tomsk in the middle of January in the -40C cold. His limbs were so frostbitten and gangrenous that they had to be amputated. Thanks to surgeons at an animal clinic in Novosibirsk, what… More »

Former Mobster Having Trouble Finding A Job Because Of His Large Facial Tattoo

From a distance, it looks like he’s wearing a black bandana to cover his face. But upon closer look, you can see that’s not true. As a member of one of the most “notorious” gangs in New Zealand, Tamatea rugby club player Puk Kireka is very clear about with whom his loyalties lie. Kireka has… More »

Diving Into The Real Lives Of The Women Of Marvel

Not only does Marvel dominate comic books, but they’ve taken over your TV and movie screen as well. With Avengers: End Game becoming the second highest grossing movie all-time domestically and worldwide, it’s hard not to notice these heroes. The women superheroes are especially tough to miss. In 2019, Marvel gifted audiences with their first… More »

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