A Timeline Of Tana Mongeau And Jake Paul’s Relationship Because We Still Can’t Believe It Either

If you’ve been even remotely on the internet the past few months you know that YouTube’s problem children and Shane Dawson School Of Hard Knocks graduates Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul got married. They squeezed the ceremony in on July 28th after just two months of dating.

It wasn’t your typical ceremony. An MTV camera crew was there, a fistfight broke out, and an Oprah impersonator was seen sipping champagne with the rest of the social media influencers. Oh, and there wasn’t any paperwork involved to actually legally marry them. Scrap sipping tea, this relationship merits a healthy chugging.

It Began With A Beiber

tana and brad sharing a moment
Photo Credit: @tanamongeau / Instagram
Photo Credit: @tanamongeau / Instagram

A Justin Bieber lookalike to be exact. Brad Sousa, a Canadian like Bieber, was dating Mongeau up until the end of April when things took a turn. The two had been dating for a few months until cheating rumors began to swirl around Sousa.

It all blew up in his face at Coachella (they’re influencers, of course it was at Coachella) when Tana caught wind of his infidelity. Though he swears he never “touched a girl” while they were dating, Sousa did admit he was suggestively texting other women from back home. The pair called it quits.