The Office Facts Every Assistant To The Regional Manager Should Know

Fact: a bunch of actors and actresses were tasked with adapting the beloved British comedy, The Office. Fact: the American version was met with high expectations and managed to create comedy gold for nearly a decade. Fact: it became one of the greatest shows of all-time and fans love their Scrantonities.

Every fan of the show should know that Jim and Pam were meant to be together, no questions asked. However, most fans might not know the big-name directors who took the time to film some classic episodes or which star put together the opening credits.

The Show Was Saved Thanks To A Teenager

Photo Credit: NBCUniversal Television Distribution/MovieStillsDB
Photo Credit: NBCUniversal Television Distribution/MovieStillsDB

What saved The Office from total extinction? The chairman of NBC’s owner, General Electric, had a teenage son who found the show to be hilarious. Sometimes one kid is all it takes!

Other teenagers followed suit and thanks to the fitting irony of the show, it became a success by making comedy out of constant human failure. Not only did teens love the show, adults eventually found it, too, and began cracking up at every joke.