Celebrity Couples Who Surprised Us With Secret Weddings In 2018

There is nothing quite as sweet as the ritual of two people who are in love agreeing to spend the rest of their lives together through sickness and in health. While many like to go all out and invite everyone they know as they make their wedding the most significant of their lives, others like to keep things more toned down, and that goes for celebrities too. Many stars prefer to tie the knot in private. Here are some of Hollywood’s finest who surprised us by getting married in 2018.

Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard

emily ratajkowski

Twenty-six-year-old Emily Ratajkowski tied the knot with Sebastian Bear-McClard in February 2018. She took to Instagram to report, “Sooo, I have a surprise.” She continued, “I got married today.” They two had their ceremony at City Hall in NYC with only a few close friends present.

The couple only dated for three weeks before making it official with a ring. Before Bear-McClard, the model was with Jeff Magid for three years. Bear-McClard and Ratajkowski never confirmed their romance while dating, but we know it’s official now!

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer

With each year comes a new batch of celebrities, be it A-list or C-list, who surprise their fans with weddings seemingly out of nowhere. Here’s an A-lister who shocked us in February. Amy Schumer tied the knot with Chris Fischer in Malibu, CA.

The ceremony might have been a secret from the public, but some big stars were in attendance such as Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Larry David, and David Spade to name a few. The two dated for almost three months before he put a ring on it.

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Michael Cera and Nadine

michael cera
Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

If you’ve seen Superbad then you know how funny Michael Cera can be. It must have been hard for his new wife, Nadine to resist his charm and good looks. That’s probably why they secretly wed sometime in March, when he was spotted wearing a gold band on his ring finger.

Not many people know when the super low-key couple even started dating, to tell the truth. Cera is highly private about his personal life. He used to date his Scott Pilgrim vs. the World co-star Aubrey Plaza and no one even knew about that until the breakup.

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef

Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images

Back in 1999 everyone was “Livin’ la Vida Loca” with pop singer Ricky Martin. In 2018, the only crazy Martin had to worry about was with his new husband Jwan Yosef. The two had dated for two years before making it official.

They share twin sons and got engaged in 2016. Great things take time. Martin revealed that he “signed all the papers” and exchanged vows in January of 2018. It’s good to see these two happy together.

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Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers

Toward the end of 2018, actress/model Denise Richards announced that she and Aaron Phypers had tied the knot. They did it on September 8, 2018, in Malibu. The former partner of actor Charlie Sheen has moved on gracefully and seems to be very happy.

“I am so happy to officially be married to the love of my life,” Richards said in a statement. “I can’t wait for everyone to go on this incredible journey with me this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s been a wild ride so far!”

The Beibs became a married man in 2018!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

justin bieber
PALACE LEE / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Anything Justin Bieber does makes major headlines, so for this wedding to happen in a somewhat discrete manner shocks us. Bieber married Baldwin at an NYC courthouse in September. How did he announce it? The Canadian star took to Instagram and wrote the most touching message to officially reveal that he was a taken man.

“It’s funny because now with you everything seems to make sense! The thing I am most excited for is that my little brother and sister get to see another healthy stable marriage and look for the same!!!,” Bieber wrote for his new wife. The post is about two paragraphs long and is a real tear-jerker.

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Robin Wright and Clement Giraudet

robin wright clement giraudet
Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

House of Cards fans were certainly thrilled to find out about Robin Wright tying the knot with her French hunk, Clement Giraudet. The couple made things official in August 2018, in what was a very private event.

“It was very intimate and low-key,” a source says. “Robin wanted it to be about them, not a big production.” The two were very quiet about their love, but many fans suspected the engagement happened sometime in the winter of 2017.

Aidy Bryant and Conner O’Malley


In an April 2018 surprise, Saturday Night Live star Aidy Bryant tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Conner O’Malley. Many of her cast members were in attendance for the big day, such as Mike O’Brien and Michel Che.

“Aidy was a blushing bride. She was smiling from ear to ear all day,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She and Conner are an adorable couple. Laughter is a key part of their relationship and something that binds this group together so there was a lot of that throughout.

Eliza Dushku and Peter Palandjian

eliza dushku peter palandjian
Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Do you remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer? We sure hope so, because Eliza Dushku from the series got married in August to her CEO beau, Peter Palandjian. It was so secretive that Dushku didn’t announce it until a month later on her Instagram.

She clearly enjoys the private life and keeping details about personal matters to a minimum. On her post about the marriage, all she wrote was, “♥️♥️ 8.18.18.” That’s all we needed to know. Congrats!

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

The “Shape of You” singer and international star Ed Sheeran married longtime girlfriend Cherry Seaborn sometime between January and August of 2018. The two started dating in 2015 and clearly love each other extraordinarily. At least three songs Ed has released were inspired by his wife.

As far as keeping things under lock and key for so long, a reporter had to applaud Ed for so great at being secretive. “I never really do anything too public anyway,” he said.

Kat Von D and Rafael Reyes

Television personality and artist Kat Von D took to Instagram in February 2018 to write, “Today, I married my soul’s mate, my mind’s twin, my best friend: @prayers Juntos en vida y en muerte.” The surprise wedding was held on February 21, 2018.

She and author Rafael Reyes had their wedding in Beverly Hills, it would appear, because that’s where the location was in the announcement photo she posted on Instagram. We wish many more great years for the two.

Nico Tortorella and Bethany Meyers

When you bring up unique love stories, the romance between Nico Tortorella and Bethany Meyers has to be included. Tortorella, who identifies as sexually fluid and bisexual, is an actor. He wed fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur Bethany Meyers after 11 years together.

It happened on March 9, 2018, in an intimate courthouse ceremony. Tortorella wrote on his Instagram, “Just married. For real. @bethanycmeyers and I wrote a very special piece about our wedding and unconditional love exclusively for @them.” Them is an LGBTQ publication.

Michelle Williams and Phil Elverum

As you probably remember, Michelle Williams’ ex-partners was the late Heath Ledger. Ledger, who passed away in 2007 when their daughter was only two, still lingers on Williams’ mind. However, that didn’t stop her from finding new love with musician Phil Elverum. They tied the knot in a private ceremony in the Adirondack Mountains in July of 2018.

“I never gave up on love,” Michelle said. “I always say to Matilda, ‘Your dad loved me before anybody thought I was talented, or pretty, or had nice clothes.’

Laura Prepon and Ben Foster

laura prepon
Taylor Hill/WireImage

In June of 2018, Orange is the New Black star Laura Prepon married fellow actor Ben Foster. She met Foster when she was 18 through mutual friends of her That ’70s Show costars, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson.

Prepon captioned an Instagram post, “Just Married! Thank you for all the love and support. Wishing all of us the good stuff!” The two looked amazing, with the bride sporting a sleeveless gown and he with a vest over a shirt and a hat on top.

Ellen Page and Emma Portner

ellen page
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Super-adorable Juno actress Ellen Page finally made it official with her girlfriend Emma Portner in January of 2018. She shared a precious photo of just two hands with wedding bands and the caption of, “Can’t believe I get to call this extraordinary woman my wife. @emmaportner.”

The two surfaced as a thing back in July 2017 after photographers spotted them kissing. Since then, they have not been shy in exhibiting PDA and showing how much they love each other.

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Ryan Lochte and Kayla Rae Reid

ryan lochte
Maury Phillips/WireImage

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte traded vows with former Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid in an intimate wedding at Morrow Ranch in Palm Springs, California. The two got married for a first time in January of 2018 but decided to do it again in September.

“No matter what has happened, Kayla’s been there to pick me up,” Lochte says about his wife. “She’s just been there 100 percent, and I owe everything to her.” Their son Caiden was the ring bearer.

Robert Buckley and Jenny Wade

iZombie is a show about an over-achieving medical resident who attends a party that transforms into a zombie feeding bonanza. Robert Buckley plays Major Lilywhite in the series and in May of 2018, he announced that he had married actress Jenny Wade.

“Post-cake fight with (Borat voice) MY WIIIIFE,” Buckley jokingly wrote. As you can see here, the pair is showcasing their rings with a bunch of cake mess on their faces. Is this what true love looks like? For them, it is.

Two morning show co-hosts got married in 2018. Read on to find out who…

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski

joe scarborough
Desiree Navarro/WireImage

Wake up with Morning Joe! Co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski got married in November of 2018. The ceremony was officiated by a Maryland Democrat, Elijah E. Cummings in Washington D.C.

“Congratulations to Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough! It was a pleasure to officiate your beautiful wedding,” Cummings tweeted. “I wish you years of love and happiness together!” Vanity Fair broke the news first and reported that the wedding was held at the National Archives. The couple was engaged during a 2017 trip to France.

Hilary Swank and Philip Schneider

hilary swank
Jackson Lee/WireImage

From blind date to getting married at the perfect location, Hilary Swank and Philip Schneider finally made their relationship official in August of 2018. These two met on a blind date and started dating in 2016. It took a year and a half for them to get engaged.

Swank spoke very highly of the setting for their ceremony when talking with Vogue. “We found exactly what we were looking for at the Santa Lucia Preserve in Carmel, California,” she said. “It’s a stunning private community surrounded by 20,000 acres of conservancy and an intimate redwood grove.”

Kevin McKidd and Arielle Goldrath

Grey’s Anatomy fans rejoice! Owen (or Kevin McKidd) announced on his website that he and his lady, chef Arielle Goldrath, tied the knot in March of 2018. Some fans may have liked him with his TV girlfriend, but are still happy for McKidd in real life nonetheless.

“Arielle and I are so happy to announce our marriage and new baby, who is soon to join our growing family,” Kevin wrote. “Close friends and family came together with my Grey’s family to share in our celebration day — an intimate, low key gathering culminating in a Scottish Ceilidh dance.”