Rock Out In Style: Coachella Guide

It’s officially spring and this means the beginning of outdoor music festival season! Yipeeee! It’s all about music, friends and of course, super cute festival style. I decided to shoot a Rock Out In Style, Coachella guide for you. I think a pair of high waisted jean shorts (mine are TOPSHOP) are key for any festival because they can get dirty and beat-up and are still totally cute.

I also love my FREE PEOPLE tribal inspired long cardigan because it has a hood for when i get cold, and serves as a blanket to lay on if I need it. There are a few other essentials too- sunscreen, lipbalm, band-aids, gum, a few magazines to read while laying around listening to bands, water and of course some Red Bull (I prefer the new Red Edition Cranberry flavor to keep me going all day.)


Who are you guys excited to see play at festivals this year? What will you be wearing?