Alice in Chains music video premiere: ‘Stone’

The American band releases new album in May, four years after their last release.

“The devil put dinosaurs here” is the title of the impending unnerving new studio album by Alice in Chains, with a publication date scheduled for May 28.

So far the U.S. training has already released two songs from this upcoming album: Hollow and Stone. Now also presents the video for the latter, shot in the San Fernando Valley California under the direction of Robert Schoder.

This is the second album recorded with vocalist William Duvall, who joined the band in 2006 to replace the late Lane Stanley, and with whom he recorded the Gives Way to Blue, 2009.

The songs that make up The devil put dinosaurs here are Hollow, Pretty Done, Stone, Voices, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, Lab Monkey, Low Ceiling, Breath on a Window, Scalpel, Phantom Limb, Hung on a Hook and Choke.