Sunday Polyvore Style Moodboard

1. Zalando Collection Blazer

2. Saint Laurent Leather Pants


4. Nina Ricci Fur and Watersnake Bracelet Bag in Taupe

5. Karen London Necklace

I feel like im in a whirlwind latley. The amount of traveling and work this month has taken over my mind! Im currently in my office playing catch up on emails and projects with a pot of tea and vegan chocolate smoothie. Sunday’s are my favorite day. Although I never get them off I love the lazy vibe of it. Me and NYC forever have a love hate relationship… for the time being I would say we are more then on possibly hot and heavy.

I recently spoke on the social media pannel in NYC and met with the east coast marketing teams, was a great experiance. I HATE public speaking but the more I force myself to be in situations that are out of my comfortzone the better. I try to overcome as many fears as possible. My next one is snakes. I have had nightmares about snakes my whole life. Im planning a shoot with one soon, because I feel I that this “year of the snake” we just came into is about shedding past life experiances and starting a new. What better way then hold a snake that has scared the crap out of you your whole life and try to look attractive while doing it.

I ordered SO MUCH new product for Crystal Cactus, just waiting for it to arive from Brazil and India so I can make them and product shoot everything and restock the store ASAP!

Do something this week you are scared of or that is way out of your comfortzone…..thank me later.