20 Questions With Rita Ora

If you guys haven’t heard of Rita Ora, you need to check her out! She is so talented, has amazing style and I am so honored to have interviewed her!

Audrey Kitching: I’ve heard Gwen Stefani is a big inspiration for you! How has she influenced you, whether musically or stylistically?

Rita Ora: Her style and music is so unique, I love her fearlessness and confidence. In terms of fashion she always pushes the envelope and she oozes cool!

AK: What was it like being taken under Jay Z’s wing? Has Beyonce given you any advice?

RO: Jay Z and Beyonce are both idols of mine, they both set amazing examples just through their actions. To have them give specific advice on my performances and music is a massive compliment and couldn’t have asked for a better point of opinion, but at the same time I understand that Jay Z doesn’t sing the songs for me so I have to put the work in and I think having his presence is a great motivator.

AK: Many UK artists (or any international artists for that matter) find it difficult to transition over to success in the USA, which you have done already with your radio hit “How We Do (Party).” How does that feel?

RO: I feels amazing that people even get to hear my music! Im very thankful for my platform and for the fans being so supportive and embracing me!

AK: What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

RO: Another album, my own UK tour, doing some amazing shows and an Australia tour! Just fun!

AK: You can definitely hear influences of pop, hip hop, and jazz on your debut album, ‘Ora.’ What or who inspired your sound?

RO: I grew up in west London in Notting Hill, so every year we have a carnival and there are so many different influences. I think my dad influenced the soulful jazz voices, growing up in West London was the Hip Hop, and Pop was my mum!! Like Madonna, Sade, Spice Girls, Jay Z, Beyonce, they are all big influences of mine.

AK: I’ve heard your next single will be “Radioactive,” is that right? If so, what’s the story for that song and will there be a video?

RO: I love “Radioactive”! Yes it’s my next single and the video I don’t want to spoil it but it will be me in a way you have never seen me before! Im very excited about the video.

The song came about as I met sia years ago in LA and I was working with some producers she was working with and they said to me why don’t you just work with her we should all work together! I love her tone and the kooky way she thinks, she’s an amazing up lifting writer.

AK: Your also known for your edgy unique one of a kind style, what is inspiring your fashion at the moment?

RO: I get inspired by everyday life, my fashion is very London and I think a lot of people look at London in terms of innovative fashion and music and culture. I love beautiful well made things, and that cool london effortless rock and roll!

AK: Guilty pleasures?

RO: Gangam style! I love cheesy tv too lol

AK: Favorite designers/brands?

RO: Vivienne Westwood, I love new up and coming london based designer like Ashley Williams, JW Anderson. And of course Chanel.

AK: If you could only wear one item of makeup which would you choose?

RO: Red lipstick

AK: 5 things you can’t live without?

RO: Red lipstick, my phone, my iPod, friends, tabasco!

AK: Last really amazing movie you saw?

RO: I loved the James Bond film, I would love to be a bond girl!

AK: Last thing you ate?

RO: Parma ham and cheese baguette

AK: Top fashion item’s every girl needs in her closet for this Fall/Winter?

RO: Alexander McQueen thigh high boots, a great solid bag, Celine beige rain coat I wore in paris

AK: Flats or heels?

RO: Flats for performing, heels for red carpet!

AK: What’s in your ipod at the moment? Any bands/musicians you can not stop listening too?

RO: The XX, Muse, Mumford and Sons, Ellie Goulding.

AK: Any hidden talents?

RO: Acting! I was in a film when I was 12

AK: What’s something your readers would be surprised to know about you?

RO: I have two pet goldfish called Will and Jada!

AK: Coffee or tea?

RO: Tea

AK: If you weren’t doing what you are today, what other career path do you think you may have taken?

RO: I can’t imagine doing anything else! Acting or styling

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