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Sneak Peek: ‘Rock Of Ages’ Star Julianne Hough’s Zooey Magazine Interview

It’s great to be Julianne Hough: the singer/dancer/actress is currently in a serious relationship with Ryan Seacrest, she starred in her first leading role in last year’s…

Buzznet Exclusive: Jesse Metcalfe Talks His First Job, Music And ‘Dallas’

You know him best as the womanizing title character in John Tucker Must Die and the teen gardener John Rowland on Desperate Housewives, but if we’re going back in time, Jesse…

Buzznet Exclusive: Colton Haynes Talks Prom And New Season Of ‘Teen Wolf’

Fun fact: Did you know Teen Wolf hunk Colton Haynes was a model before he became an actor? Not surprising though, given his dashing good looks! Which is why it comes…

Buzznet Exclusive: BTS At The Zooey Magazine Photoshoot

Buzznet was exclusively invited to the Zooey Magazine photoshoot for their “Guys and Dolls” issue to interview Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes and Dallas star Jesse Metcalfe. Check out all the great behind-the-scenes moments!

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