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Time To Go To Zombie School!

AMC’s working on a series based on the comic The Walking Dead, about a group of people trying to survive in a world overrun by zombies. And with a concept THAT over done, you need to do something to make it stand out. So, in order to make the zombies as believable as possible, AMC… More »

Bookish: Zombie Haiku, Freakonomics, Be An Explorer of the World

Since the last time I blogged about books, I think I’ve aquired like, 10 more of them. And by “aquired” I mean bought. It’s like I have no self control.

Among the books bought is a

Book Blog: Zombies, Fame and WTWTA

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about anything bookish her on Buzznet, so, it’s time!

First off, last weekend I went to the West Hollywood book fair and there was a panel on zombie

Zombieland Screening In Hollywood Attracts The Undead-Lovers

Who doesn’t love zombie movies? Last night at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood there were throngs of done-up zombie-lovers gathered for the L.A. Zombiewalk and a screening of the upcoming film Zombieland. [cut=BRRRAAAAIIINNNS…]

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Score a Free Tasty Brain…I Mean Screening of Zombieland!

Zombieland, an indie-comedy-horror-thriller film starring Woody Harrleson and Jesse Eisenberg, is set to invade theaters on October 2nd.

But some of you Zombie enthusiasts might not be able to wait…

Discussion: Video Game Racism?

With Halloween on Friday, it seems fitting that I’m writing an article that tackles two extremely scary topics: zombies and racism.

Fans of the Resident Evil video game series might remember a few months ago when…

Monroeville Mall Zombie Walk: October 26, 2008

So many zombies in one place at the same time. A big “thank you” to My Chemical Romance for writing a song about the zombie invasion survival capital of the USA.

World Zombie Day/Zombie Walk at the Monroeville Mall

Monroeville Mall gets invaded by zombies. Again.

Zombie Apocalypse Movie Mix

So, when you live in the zombie attack survival capital of the USA (old article…our current Mayor is even LESS likely to be prepared…), you spend time thinking about a lot of weird things. 

Celebrity Zombies

They can afford the classy brains!

Twilight Zombies

So, you know that popular series of books the some people like and I don’t get why? And they’re making a movie out of it. Yeah…what if the cast were a bunch of zombies?

Buzznet Zombie Apocalypse!

Throughout the month of October, Zombies are taking over Buzznet.  Why?  Because they can.

And you’re going to help spread the infection of the “Buzzvirus.”

Starting October 1st and running through October 31st, zombies will be biting

Fangs vrs. Fur: WEEK 3 SUMMARY

Slow week!  But after 140 votes, the tally stands at:

81% Vampires
19% Werewolves

Dude, werewolves, are you even TRYING?

Sorry about the lack of anything interesting this week, folks!  Things got a little crazy when I came down…


So, I’ve spent the past two days sick as hell.  Really, really fucking sick.  And I’m pretty sure I know why.

I’ve got the goddamn T-Virus.

Great, just fucking great.  I get to be a zombie. …

Fangs vrs. Fur: WEEK 2 SUMMARY

After 88 response at the poll, the results are currently at:

81% Vampires
19% Werewolves

Dude, the werewolves just need to go hide in the corner for awhile.

This week, in keeping with my month long theme, <a…

I hate zombies…

…but love my friends…Me: Hey! Us victims provide a good deal of distraction for you folks who actually have a chance to survive, dammit!Though
I choose to believe I’m the victim who ALMOST makes it and…

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