Jessi Jae Joplin and The Ruckus Premiere ‘The Thrill’ featuring Bebe Zeva, KREAYSHAWN, Skip Arnold and MORE!

Check out my band, The Ruckus’, BRAND NEW music video for the grunge fairytale ‘The Thrill’.  I seriously had such a blast filming it, so I hope you…

Chickfest at AMPLYFI in Los Angeles

This past Saturday my band, The Ruckus, played at this awesome little venue in Hollywood called AMPLYFi! It was for their first ever CHICKFEST where they featured girl fronted rock bands! It was a really cool venue and I had such a fun time rockin’ out with my band! I was so excited that some… More »

Reason 89724872 why I love BUZZNET

Thank you my fellow Buzznet family for sending me a 21st Birthday Card 🙂 I can’t even begin to describe how inspiring and motivating the staff is here.. Thank you for everything 🙂 BUZZNET WORLD TAKE OVER

Photo Diary: Playful Night At The Playhouse

Reblogged from zilla308

Last night I went to The Playhouse in LA for the Raw Artist Showcase event. My dear friend Laura Brown of Pretty Star Clothing was showing her…

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