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A Fat Photo Gallery Of All Time Low To Make Your Day

Why is All Time Low so hot? Seriously, hanging out at Buzznet headquarters, it’s kind of hard to not spend the few free minutes we have each day looking at pics of Alex Gaskarth, Zack Merrick, Rian Dawson, and Jack Barakat. Today is one of those days we just couldn’t resist and pulled some of our… More »

All Time Low Nail Art To Inspire Your Next Mani

If you’re an All Time Low Hustler, you understand the need to show your ATL pride. Sure you can wear band tees, post pics to social media, attend shows, and rock out to their tunes all day everyday, but a real super fan will take things a step further and use their nails to wear… More »

10 Reasons All Time Low Has Our Heart Always And Forever

All Time Low never gets old. The pop-punk rock outfit has been a staple on Buzznet’s list of favorite artists for years now and from the reaction we get from you Hustlers, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Sure some may have grown out of their phase of being completely and totally obsessed with Alex… More »

10 Life Lessons All Time Low Has Taught Us

We don’t even need to tell you why All Time Low is a Buzznet favorite, or why the band’s Hustler’s are the best, or how amazing their shows are. Fact is, ATL rules and it’s super hard to find fault in a band that is a zillion percent invested in their art and doing everything… More »

9 Ways All Time Low Continues To Give Back To Their Fans

After more than 10 years together, All Time Low wouldn’t be where they are without their devoted fan base of Hustlers. The fans are just as much part of the band as Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Zack Merrick, and Rian Dawson, and the guys have definitely taken notice of their devotion and undying love for… More »

22 Vintage Funny Photos Of All Time Low

All Time Low has so much charisma and personality, it’s hard not to love Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Zack Merrick, and Rian Dawson. The foursome has been together for what seems like forever, and when a band’s bond is that tight, it’s virtually impossible to avoid having photos of some seriously hilarious photos of them hanging… More »

12 Things Every All Time Low Hustler Thinks

Being an All Time Low Hustler isn’t just about being a fan of the band. It’s a way of life. The dedication, love, and time spent supporting Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson, and Zack Merrick doesn’t go unnoticed. For those of us who are completely and totally committed to keeping the band in the… More »

All Time Low AP Covers To Drool Over!

As we all know, All Time Low can do no wrong. So wrong it’s right…see what I did there. Whether it is them in their underwear, in bed together like super models or just jumping around being funny, All Time Low can find a way to make it work. Here are some of our favorite… More »

All Time Low Headline Slam Dunk South Festival

All Time Low headlined the UK Music Festival Slam Dunk this past weekend and I had a chance to shoot their set live at the South date in Hatfield on Sunday May 26th. During the show, guitarist Jack Barakat accidently dropped his microphone stand on the photographer in front of me & I just so… More »

Youtube Evolution Of: All Time Low

I can’t believe a week has already FLOWN by since I did the Kellin Quinn evolution but…

Here it is folks, my 3rd Youtube Evolution and it’s on YOUR favorite band ALL TIME LOW!

BUZZNET Exclusive: All Time Low Spills On Their Fans! (VIDEO)

YES! The day we have all been waiting for is FINALLY here! Buzznet favorite, All Time Low has released their fifth studio album Don’t Panic!. Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson and Zack Merrick

Buzznet Exclusive: All Time Low At Warped Tour (VIDEO)

So yesterday was a magical day of interviews and music all in Las Vegas! Warped Tour was something else this year and really brought it! 

Jack Barakat and Rian Dawson from All Time Low chatted with me about Warped…

Demi Lovato Gets ‘Punk’d’ By All Time Low

Demi Lovato revealed she will make an appearance on the upcoming season of Punk’d on MTV — and that Jack Gaskarth and Alex Barakat from All Time Low are behind the prank! LOL!


All Time Low Reveal Mashup of ‘Dirty Work’ Clips

We’re still a little over a month away from the much-anticipated release of All Time Low’s Dirty Work BUT they’re streaming a mashup of clips from the album!

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Happy Birthday Zack Merrick!

Happy Birthday to All Time Low‘s buff bassist ZACK MERRICK.

Although we’re consistently anxious about the day Zack quits the band for a CAREER IN FITNESS (queue the Paranoid Parrot…

All Time Low @ House of Blues in Vegas

The Dirty Work tour hit sin city on 4/13/11. Stay tuned for an interview where Rian Dawson and Alex Gaskarth answer your fan questions!

All Time Low Announce Album Release Date

YOU GUYS. All Time Low finally gave us a release date for Dirty Work, and it’s JUNE 7th!



We’ve been all up in ATL’s business lately.…

All Time Low @ NSN Festival

Barely back from their jaunt overseas, All Time Low rocked the Never Say Never Festival in Mission, TX on 3/16/11. Stay tuned for an interview with Alex and Jack

All Time Low @ The Troubadour in L.A.

Wednesday nights are the new Saturday nights–and it was a PARTY this past Wednesday out in West Hollywood.

First of all, Britney Spears was there watching the very first band (sadly, I was not yet in…

All Time Low DVD Premiere in Hollywood

Last night Buzznet had a blast at All Time Low’s Straight To DVD Premiere Party. In addition to spending almost the entire hour and a half laughing out loud, there was a red carpet before

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