Better Album Name Battle

Oh album names, what do you intend to express about your family of songs? What is your TRUE MEANING? Actually, all we want to know here is which title you find more appealing. Pick your faves amongst this pool of particularly interesting names.

Band Drama Round Up: 4/27/11

I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic has been radiating through the airwaves lately, but there seems to be a lot of changes slash DRAMA afoot in the scene. Here’s a quick run down:


Behind The Scenes: Glamour Kills Tour in L.A.

Hanging pre-show at The Roxy with The Downtown Fiction and You Me and Everyone We Know. And lurking The Ready Set. Photos by Josh Ballinger and Breesays

You Me and Everyone We Know at NSN Festival

YMAEWK played the Peta2 stage on Wednesday, March 16th in South Texas!

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