The Evolution of No Doubt

Today No Doubt grace our ears with a brand new album, Push and Shove. We have not had a new record from No Doubt since 2001, and it’s been wonderful to see them back in action. The new album is fun and has some really great songs including “Looking Hot” and “Gravity”. Those are my… More »


EVERYBODY LOVES PANDAS! Arguably the cutest animals in the world, pandas are also believed to be a symbol of peace and good fortune. Chinese people have considered pandas special for thousands of years, believing they could ward off evil spirits and natural disasters. The phrase “Like a Panda” means: Curious. Kind. Sensitive. Playful. Some panda… More »

The Evolution Of Perez Hilton

Remember when Perez was mean? I can barely remember. Hate him, or Love him- one thing is for sure, Perez is a clear reminder that people who want to, can change. That we are all on our own journey, and that we all learn, grow and become better as we age. I love that Perez… More »

Britney Spears Video Morph

Britney’s face is always flawless, but check her out through the years in this awesome new video morph!

Toko Hotel Anniversary: 5 Years Zimmer 483 Album

So today it’s another important date for Tokio Hotel, exactly 5 years ago they released their second album “Zimmer 483” in both version: standard and deluxe (with a bonus dvd including Zimmer 483 Shooting, Making of and Music Video of “Ubers Ende Der Welt”, first single of the album, and an interview of the band)…. More »

Tokio Hotel Anniversary: 2 Years Humanoid City Tour

Since yesterday was the second anniversary of the beginning of Tokio Hotel’s Humanoid City Tour. Only the European Leg reached 29 cities and 17 countries enchanting almost always a sold out arena with million of fans. In general the band has been on tour for a whole year from February 2010 to February 2011 going… More »

Britney Spears: December 5th Throughout The Years

I already posted a gallery like this last month, now it’s the time to December 5th throughout the years. What happened or where Britney were in this day in the past years? Check out this gallery and tell which of these dates reminds you something!

Question of the Day: If You Could Relive Any Year Of Your Life Again, Which Would It Be & Why?

Don’t ask me where this QOTD came from because I really don’t know. You would think that I pulled it out of a magic black hat that is full…

Best Friends Forever!

Check out all these photos of my best friend Ivey & I from over the years.. Not much has changed.. Well.. Besdies our hair! ha ha xoxo

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