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Winners Revealed & A Little Jing A Ling A Ling A Ling A Ling

I was so sick filming this.. to much day quil! My eyes are droopy and i look crazy… but im keeping it up for you guys.. don’t judge! Hope you are all staying warm. Im trying but its freezing on the east coast!! So I have some lucky winners to announce!! The winner of the… More »

rockin around the christmas tree

Holiday Hysteria & Hunky Santa!!

Ali and I were so spazzy that day. Wait til you see the next video where Ali tries to teach me to sing Christmas carols — priceless!! Im also going to announce the winners for the Hello Kitty gumball machine and the Sewing Machine Contest tomorrow, so hurry up and enter NOW if you havent… More »

Ho Ho Ho

10 Things Im Lovin This Week & Winner Announced!

Britney Spears for sure! See what else made my “10 Things Im Lovin This Week”click here! What are some of your favorite things right now?? AND congrats to LETHEMTALK the winner of last week’s contest!!

wanna trim a tree with me?

on friday dec 12 im going to Buzznet to decorate a tree and holiday cookies, but i think im going to need some help so…


These are some more photos of my house during the Christmas Season, perhaps even some BIZARRE ones……………..

My porch door looking out…………..

Caught in the ACT………….

This is…


I hope everyone has a Very Good and prosperous New Year……May you all be blessed with good health and good family and friends….I hope any disputes in the past are forgotten and negativity is…

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