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Celebrating My 21st Birthday & Having Fun In Austria

In those days I haven’t been so much here because it was my 21st birthday, I spent time with my family and I have fun in Austria with Xmas kiosks, always with my parents and my sponsors at confirmation Matteo and Virginia. I recieved a lot of stuff and I’m really happy and glad, I’m… More »

Vanilla Candles, Hello Kitty, Decorations and Xmas Tree

This afternoon my parents and I decorated our house in very Xmas style, we usually decorate the Xmas tree after my bday, but this years we decided to do it before! I really love decorate the Xmas tree and in general the house, there’s such a great atmosphere! My room smells of vanilla candles right… More »

I love Candie’s

This moring is finally arrived the package of my friend Celine, awww i waited it for so long time, but in the end, it’s here!!! And when I opened I was like: oh my God!…

Crazy Friends

I spent a couple of days with my best friend Antonella and as always we enjoyed a lot, we laughed, we embraced and kissed, we shared a lot of things, and we opened our Xmas…

Xmas Gifts

From left to right: Hello Kitty Place Mat; DIESEL T-Shirt; Tezenis sequin turtleneck and sequin slip; Nightwish calendar 2011; Xmas sock…

Make up done!

Preparing myself for Xmas Eve, now it’s the turn of the hair

Merry Xmas To Everyone!

Merry Xmas Buzznet guys!!! Love you so much, I wish you all your dreams can come true soon xoxo

Tokio Hotel – Weihnachtsgruß

German version

Tokio Hotel – Xmas Greetings

English version

Pizza, music & a lot of fun

Yesterday night was one of the most beautiful night I spent in my life. With my partners class of music of the university organized a pizza party at Matteo’s home. Even though falled a lot…

Dad’s photo diary – Xmas Time In Trieste

As I promised, here a couple of pics of my city full of Xmas light


It’s snowing

The winter is here

Hello Kitty Xmas Tree

Counting the days

My b-day is almost arrived, among 2 days i’ll turn on 20! Oh Gosh!

Those days are really really busy for my family and I, we are preparing a lot of stuff, cleaning the…


It’s time to start getting all the Christmas decorations out for 2010. These were a string of lights from my childhood and they do still work. I love the pearl colors they had back in those days. I photoshopped a Mosaic effect on them : )

Tally Weijl Xmas Collection

This afternoon, when I finished at the hair salon, I passed in front of a shop window of Tally Weijl store, and I stayed fascinated by this dress, from the new Xmas collection! I must buy it, absolutly!!! and the shoes are awesome too! For more stuff: //www.tally-weijl.com/tally-fashion/christmas-2010/ xx

Hello Kitty Xmas Time

This afternoon I hang out w/ my parents around the city for some Xmas shopping and other stuff, we enjoyed a lot, the city starts to be bright from Xmas lights and there are some…

Want of Xmas, cupcakes and changes

This afternoon I had a test at the university about analysis of movies, I think I’ve been a good test, I feel me almost quiet about it, I’ll tell you the result when the teacher…

My Wishes To Audrey

I love you, honey!!!! Thanks 4 all your advices! I hope one day to meet u! I hope you like this little video for you!xoxo

My wishes to Hanna

I love you, fairy!!! You’re awesome! Thanks 4 all: all your advices, your sweetness, you’re an amazing and cute girl! I hope one day to meet you! Happy Holidays and I hope you like this little present for you xoxo