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Space Tales Theater Featuring My Short Story “Sometimes Aliens Go To Prom”

A few months back, I was one of the winners of a short story contest being run by Cecil Castellucci in support of her upcoming novel First Day on Earth. The prize was an advanced copy of the book (which is awesome and you all need to pick up a copy when it comes out… More »

So, You Wanna Make a Zine?

So, yesterday I had the pleasure of being a part of the first ever Pittsburgh Zine Fair.  The event gathered together a bunch of Pittsburgh area DIY publishing enthusiasts and let us show off…

Free Fiction Friday “Nicole, Hettie and a Lost Soul”

So, if you are interested, I’m offering up a download of a short story I’ve been working on.  Nicole, Hettie and a Lost Soul is about friendship, tea and misplacing important items.

You can download the…

Yes, This is a Star Trek: The Next Generation Poetry Chapbook

My friend, the ever-amazing Margaret Bashaar, has put together this chapbook of Star Trek: The Next Generation poetry via Prime Directive Press (an imprint of Hyacinth Girl Press). Copies are $4 on her Etsy. Click here to go order. You know you want it like Picard wants Dr. Crusher. Or, if you’re into that sort… More »

Pete Wentz to Finally Publish ‘Rainy Day Kids’

Pete Wentz, musician, lyricist, businessman, designer…the boy has worn a lot of hats.  One of the sometimes forgotten hats, though, is that of “published author.”  Pete wrote and released The Boy With The Thorn In…

Join the Poetry Experiment on “Our Exquisite Corpse”

So, I’m big on poetry.  Reading it, writing it, hearing it performed, sometimes even performing it.  But lately, I’ve been lacking on inspiration and feeling this need for a new project.  And, like many people…

Vote for Me On Twitter!

The site Code Meet Print NY is running a “Very Short Story” contest on Twitter, looking for the best short story of under 127 characters.  It’s a lot of fun and kind of ridiculous.

I’m entered,…

Slam Poet Katie Makkai Performs ‘Pretty’

I cried at the end of this and have rewatched it over and over again. It’s so amazing.


I fill a room with rose petals
and watch them die.
Curled up,
dry and blackened.
A thousand little
bitter hearts
spread across the floor

You paint an
artificial garden
on the wall.<br…

Help to Save the Poe House and Museum in Baltimore

Edgar Allan Poe is one of the greatest literary minds in American History.  Not only did he write many extremely memorable tales of terror and suspense, but he is in some ways considered the father…

The Clockwork Girl

(sometimes I write poetry at bus stops.  This was one of those times.)

A Clockwork Girl

rises at pre-

cisely six and

consults her man-

ual for her

wardrobe (changed

every nine-

ty one point three

one two five days).

She is…

Debuting “Hot White Star” at The Beat Cabaret

The first time I performed this piece. January 2010.

“Sunday Morning Lies” at The Beat Cabaret 2010

Performing “Sunday Morning Lies” at The Beat Cabaret. January 2010.

“All About You” at The Beat Cabaret 2010

Performing “All About You” at The Beat Cabaret. January 2010.

Pieces of the Things We Love

(Warning: I took a MUCH darker look at the topic than other folks did.)

They say there’s a cure for us

but what they don’t disclose

is that it’s just a new…

Get in on Buzznet’s NaNoWriMo Shenanigans!

Are you someone who dreams of writing a best selling novel?  Are you someone who dabbles in writing but isn’t really serious about it?  Are you someone who doesn’t really write but is open to…

The Care and Feeding of the Dream Spiders: A Cautionary Tale

I wanted to write a piece of fiction for Halloween, and was struck with inspiration while discussing urban myths about spiders.  So, here you are!  Arachnophobes beware!

Vintage Spider Illustration ©2009…

Mark Reads ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’: Chapter 12

In the twelfth chapter of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry learns that the professors at Hogwarts know he isn’t responsible for all the Petrifications. Hermione finishes the Polyjuice Potion and, in the…

Want To Share Your Writing with THE William Beckett?

William Beckett isn’t just the lyricist for The Academy Is….  I mean, being the lyricist for a band with such a devoted fan following is already pretty impressive.  But

Call My Lawyer!

Okay, okay, so I KNOW I promised a PETA rant today, but I found something else I’d rather blog about.  Something kinda funny and less likely to get me attacked by rabid PETA supporters.

from <a…