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Would You Rock: Fuzzy Shoes

It’s just about Fall now, and who doesn’t love some shearling when the weather gets cooler? But these Jeffrey Campbell sneakers are taking it a step further. The kicks are covered in fuzzy pink material that is normally relegated to the outside of our clothes and accessories. Designers like Chanel are all releasing fashionable sneakers,… More »

Would You Rocky: Chain Mail Fashion?

2014 is the year of the throwback fashion. With 90s crop tops and 70s denim, everything old is new again. But would you wear fashion inspired by the medieval times?! Urban Outfitters is testing it out, selling these Chainmail Suspenders. It’s a little bit of S&M and a lot of soldier-chic. Would you rock chain… More »

Would You Rock: A Soup Can Crop Top?

Andy Warhol taught us that anything in life can be made into art. But, can the same thing be done for fashion? Forever 21 seems to have been inspired by one of the artist’s most famous pieces, featuring a Campbell’s soup can on a new sporty crop top. The look is reminiscent of Jeremy Scott‘s… More »

Would You Rock A Sweater & Shorts To Your Wedding Like Olivia Palermo?

Here at Buzznet, we love an alternative wedding dress. So imagine our joy when we saw fashionista Olivia Palermo‘s bridal look. The style icon wed…

Would You Rock: A Pocketknife Necklace

There’s nothing wrong with a little edge in fashion, but when an accessory could possibly tip off TSA, things may have gone a little too far. Urban Outfitters is selling this “Little Pocketknife Necklace.” While the knife part of the necklace doesn’t look Boy Scout approved, it does look as if the knife is actually… More »

Would You Rock: Pinup Shorts

Normally when you think about vintage 50s fashion, conservative style comes to mind. But these new pinup shorts flip the script on that. These high waisted booty shorts are almost an underwear/shorts combo. They are meant to be a little more rock ‘n roll and sexy than cutesy. Would you rock these teeny, tiny pinup… More »

Would You Rock: A Bikini With Sleeves?

Crop tops were the trend of the summer last year, and they have only grown in popularity since then. However, their latest incarnation actually offers more coverage than the alternative. Crop top bikinis are bathing suits that feature regular bathing suit bottoms and a shirt-like top. Unlike their cousin, the tankini, the crop top bikini… More »

Would You Rock: This Trans Am Printed Dress?

Bold and wild prints are one of this season’s hottest emerging trends. It takes some level of confidence to rock something so loud like this Trans Am printed dress with “GHETTO” license plates, but if you have the guts, it’s a super cute and stylish way to turn heads and stay cool as the weather… More »

Would You Rock: Majorly Contrasting Patterns Like Nicole Richie

Mixing patterns has been one of the biggest trends of the past few years. Stripes and florals have been two of the most popular prints to combine. However, Nicole Richie‘s latest look takes it to…

Would You Rock A French Schoolgirl Look Like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?

If anyone can pull off risky fashion, it is Rosie Huntington-Whitely. The model is a super babe and looks good in anything. This…

Would You Rock This?

So..would you?

Would You Rock: These Ouija Board Garter Socks?

I’m going to use Halloween being just around the corner as an excuse to start posting a bunch of occult-inspired fashion as if I wouldn’t wear it year-round (I would). First up: These Ouija Board garter socks. Pros: Ouija Boards are awesome, they added a cool skull to the print, and maybe in a pinch… More »

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