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Buzznet At The LA Women’s March

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know last weekend more than a million people around the world marched for women’s rights in an unprecedented turnout in response to Donald Trump taking the Presidential office. While the flagship Women’s March was in Washington DC, Los Angeles had an impressive attendance which included Hive Media’s own Taylor… More »

A Sample Of The Best Signs From The Women’s March

Saturday Dec. 21, was a HERstoric days. More than a million men and women across the United States and the world banded together in solidarity for peace, love and equality. The march touched  on a myriad of issues from women’s reproductive rights to immigration laws. It was a staggering turnout that far exceeded expectations, and served as a warning to… More »

#FBF Celebs Supporting Feminism & Equal Rights

It’s officially Inauguration Day, so let’s get a tad political, shall we? On this wild and crazy and soon to be incredibly historic day, let’s reflect on a few issues that mean a lot to us and to plenty of our favorite celebrities. That’s right, we’re talking feminism and equal rights. With the Women’s March in… More »

Join Buzznet Jan. 21st At The Women’s March In Los Angeles

This Saturday January 21st, more than 200,000 people are expected to show up on the steps of Washington for women’s rights, including Hollywood heavy hitters, Amy Schumer, Uzo Aduba, America Ferrera, Zendaya, and more Organized in response to Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign, which many feel was a sexist and xenophobic, the march mission says in part, “We… More »

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