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My Top 10 Of Sexiest & Beautiful Women Alive

I thought a lot about to create this gallery (there will be also for men too), I decided to make it for to reward the beauty, the sensuality, the glamour to my ten favorite women on earth. It’s been hard to put a chart, because for all of these ten women are gorgeous, stunning and… More »

The Vixens of Rock

From Karen O to Hayley Williams, these are the women who are burning up the rock scene in 2011!

March 8th – Woman’s Day

Best wishes to all the women of the world.

Remember this day as social, political, economic women’s conquests, to the discriminations and abuses which they are continuing…

The Unplanned Future of Planned Parenthood


     Between the ages of five and seven I lived in two homeless shelters with my mother and sister. I can still smell the stale donut breakfasts and feel the…

Women’s Weight In America…….Overweight/Skinny

   Hey! I have some issues I wanna address about society.I saw a journal yesterday that encouraged me to write about this. ” Society ( Now On Weight )…..


           Now I’ve never thought someone was…

Today’s secret word:


Say it with me.  Dildo.  Diiiiildo.  It’s kinda funny looking, right?  I mean it’s got d’s in it.  and d’s kinda look like a half cock and balls.  You put a d and a b…

5 Women in the Media I’m Thankful For

Sometimes, the media can be such a male dominated industry it’s hard for a girl to feel like she has a place.  But luckily, there are the women in the media who stand up and…

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