Christmas 2013, Gifts & Welcome 2014!

So finally I wanna share with you this gallery with Christmas photos, the gifts I received and several photos from New Year’s Eve and the celebration of the new year. For Christmas, we went at the restaurant, we were in 18 people and celebrated all together with a delicious fish lunch. I received tons of… More »

BTK App – Video #111

Thanks For All Your Birthday Wishes

My Birthday & Xmas Gifts Gallery

So today it’s my birthday and I’m receiving tons of gifts, tweets, messages and phone calls of wishes and this is pretty amazing, eheheh I wanna thank you some of you already did it and all the one will do in the next hours. You are the best! I thought to create a gallery with… More »

Britney Spears Wishes Nicki Minaj “Happy Birthday”

Britney returned the favor and wished Nicki Minaj a happy birthday in this new video message!

Happy New 2011!

Over all to my stars: Hanna Beth, Audrey Kitching, Celine, Marina, wafflequeen All the best for all of you, I love you so much *smack*

My Wishes To Audrey

I love you, honey!!!! Thanks 4 all your advices! I hope one day to meet u! I hope you like this little video for you!xoxo

My wishes to Hanna

I love you, fairy!!! You’re awesome! Thanks 4 all: all your advices, your sweetness, you’re an amazing and cute girl! I hope one day to meet you! Happy Holidays and I hope you like this little present for you xoxo

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