It looked like this a few days ago but now it’s been raining and the ice on the window is all gone. Sadly our gutters took a beating from having ice in them and they are all bent from the weight and will have to be replaced this spring. We are still covered with snow… More »

15 Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day In 10 Minutes

Let’s be honest – no matter how peaceful and calm you may be, we all have our bad days. Im talking about those days when you want to throw the phone out the window, cry, and lay in bed and yell at anyone who crosses your path. Minor things can trigger bad days, whether it’s… More »

Vanilla Candles, Hello Kitty, Decorations and Xmas Tree

This afternoon my parents and I decorated our house in very Xmas style, we usually decorate the Xmas tree after my bday, but this years we decided to do it before! I really love decorate the Xmas tree and in general the house, there’s such a great atmosphere! My room smells of vanilla candles right… More »


This pretty much sums up how I feel with the snow on snow we have been having. And we still have another storm on the way this coming week. This is the snow melting down my window from our last storm. I love playing with these in photoshop they make a nice design look even… More »

Big Cat Small Cat

This is a story of two cats. One’s name is Cat Stevens. The other’s name is Chauncey Gardener

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