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Buzz Bites: Lady Gaga Checked Leonardo DiCaprio Big Time At The Golden Globes

Sup Monday…you came way too fast, but after a weekend of Golden Globe parties and awards being handed out, it’s not a surprise it went by in the blink of an eye! Let’s see what’s buzzing on the world wide web! Miss the Golden Globes? No worries, you can see the entire winner list HERE!… More »

Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato Shopping Together Evokes Eternal Style Paradox

Are you a Ginger or a Mary Ann? A Jessie Spano or Kelly Kapowski? Christina or Britney? The dueling nature between women’s style as girl-next-door or sexy-with-an-edge is a tale as old as time. Taylor…

Demi Lovato Has Quintessential Disneyland Moment With Her Ex

Demi Lovato is a bonafide superstar, but it looks like she’s decided to take the real-girl-route, and it’s kind of awesome. First the star, 21, posted a very adorable and relatable selfie, and now…

Is Demi Lovato Dealing With A Broken Heart?

Uh oh…from the sound of Demi Lovato‘s recent tweets, it appears as though her romance with Wilmer Valderama has taken a wrong turn.…

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