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BUZZNET Exclusive: William Beckett’s New Track ‘Warriors’

The handsome and talented William Beckett is back with an all-new EP titled Winds Will Change coming your way tomorrow July 17th. Buzznet has the exclusive premiere of the song “Warriors” off the brand new EP. Take a listen — this one will make you dance. “This selection of songs dives deeper into the never… More »

William Beckett Premieres “Compromising Me” Video

When William Beckett is not busy touring, or photographing his exploits exclusively for Buzznet, it appears that he’s also been making music videos. The former The…

Celebrity Yearbook Quotes

The end of the schoolyear is just right around the corner and soon enough it’ll be “no more teachers, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks” – and the forever-there yearbook! Ahhh, the yearbook: a flurry of telling photos, classmates and crushes’ “Have a great summer” wishes to you… and quotes embedded in it… More »

Buzznet Exclusive! William Beckett’s New Track ‘You Never Give Up’

Just because The Academy is… broke up doesn’t meanWilliam Beckett said good-bye to music making. The Chicago born babe has been working hard on his career as a solo artist and will be releasing his long awaited solo EP tomorrow, April 17th! William was kind enough to share this exclusive stream of the track,“You Never… More »

William Beckett Announces Solo US Tour

Former The Academy Is… front man, William Beckett, has announced he is heading out on a solo US tour this spring. Mr. Beckett revealed via Alternative Press, the “Walk…

William Beckett Announces New EP And Single: Listen To Clips Here!

It was October last year when The Academy Is… announced they were going their separate ways. Soon after, <a…

Music Notes 2/16

It’s come to that point in the afternoon where the only thing that can keep me awake is Britney Spears’ music. But here is some reading material for all y’all:

6 tips for show etiquette

William Beckett To Perform At the Snakes & Suits Holiday Show

Have you been pining since the break-up of The Academy Is…?  Lounging on fainting couches and wondering how you’ll continue on without TAI… in your life?

Well, get off that couch.  Because while TAI… hasn’t reunited,…

Listen to a Brand New Song by The Academy Is…

On Saturday, The Academy Is… treated their hometown of Chicago to a free acoustic set.  And while part of the story is how dapper frontman William Beckett was looking, it is also worth noting that…

The Academy Is… to Tour With Jack’s Mannequin this Fall!

If you’re on the west coast, you’re very lucky: you could have a chance this fall to check out a show featuring Jack’s Mannequin and The Academy Is… in concert!  Together!

<img src="http://cdn.buzznet.com/assets/users16/newageamazon/default/msg-125840465807.jpg" width="468"…

Help to Save the Poe House and Museum in Baltimore

Edgar Allan Poe is one of the greatest literary minds in American History.  Not only did he write many extremely memorable tales of terror and suspense, but he is in some ways considered the father…

Help Create an Animated Adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Price’

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors.  From his Sandman series to books like American Gods and Stardust, I love the way he uses words and creates worlds.  I’m also a fan of his…

Watch the First Teaser Trailer For ‘The Fall of the House of Usher” Starring William Beckett

Back in July we reported that William Beckett of The Academy Is… was set to star in a short film adapting Edgar Allen Poe’s classic story The Fall of the House of Usher.  The…

Parent vs. Parent

In honor of Parent’s Day (7/31) we’ve pitted theses celebrity parentals against each other. Also? Hug your mom. Or text message your Dad.

William Beckett to Star in “The Fall of the House of Usher”

Edgar Allen Poe has long been one of my favorite writers.  He was a man who could paint a scene of suspense and draw the reader in only to leave them breathless with fear and…

Song vs. Song: SPRING THEME

Fevers, flowers, flings and blooming things.

William Beckett during FBR chat last night

Were any of you in on this? What did you think? I asked a few questions, but all it succeeded in doing was annoying some of my twitter followers. Ha.

Save Our @SiskyBusiness!

And suddenly, a horrific cry rang out across the internet.  For, low and behold, William Beckett has spoken:

Gasp, shock, horror.  We cannot allow this to happen, Buzznet. 

Demi Lovato Gushes Over Her Crushes, Discusses New Songs

I almost forgot that Demi Lovato was one of Bamboozle’s performers thiis past weekend (I have a No Doubt one-track mind, what can I say?), but Buzznet member Kari Culver got a little sit down

What To Expect From Demi Lovato’s New Album–Besides The William Beckett Touch

Pop princess in traning, Demi Lovato, was hangin’ around the Radio Disney station recently and did some chatting about her new album, new tour and the people she was stoked to work with. [cut=Listen to…