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What Lies Beneath Europe 2011 Tour – Support bands

We are proud to announce the bands that will support Tarja during the tour: The French band Kells will join Tarja on: May 3rd, Stuttgart – May 4th, Erlangen-May6th, Munich – May 7th, Karlsruhe -May 8th, Pratteln -May 10th, Bonn – May 11th, Osnabrück Visit www.kellsofficial.com for more information. The French band Markize will be… More »

Tarja’s blog #5 – New tour starting today

March 5th, 2011

Hola a todos desde Mexico DF!

We arrived to DF few days ago for rehearsals and everything has been just great.

It is nice to have Doug and Julian with us this time. …

Tarja @ Rock in Rio 2011

Tarja Turunen special guest September 25th, 2011.Tarja has been invited to a guest performance with the Brazilian band Angra in their upcoming Rock in Rio show on September 25th, 2011. Message from Tarja: “Rock in Rio is one of the biggest festivals and happenings in the world still today. It has been amazing to follow… More »

Camera Friendly

Once again, all the shows included in What Lies Beneath America 2011 Tour were declared “camera friendly”, which means that you are welcome to bring your photo camera and take as many pictures as you wish. This is with the exception of gigs in festivals, where you will have to ask to the organization of… More »

What Lies Beneath America 2011 Tour Band

We are glad to announce the band that will tour with Tarja: Tarja Turunen: Vocals; Mike Terrana: Drums (Masterplan, Savage Circus, ex Rage, ex Malmsteen); Christian Kretschmar: Keyboards (Schiller); Doug Wimbish: Bass (Living colour); Julian Barrett: Guitar (Barilari); Max Lilja: Cello (Hevein, ex Apocalyptica) Please check the confirmed dates of the What Lies Beneath America… More »

Photo Contest Winners!

Thanks for the thousands of photos you delivered once again. The choice for the ones that will be included in the tour book of “What Lies Beneath” was very difficult. But even harder was to decide the top three photos! The list of photos chosen for the tour book will need to wait to be… More »

Tarja’s blog #4 – The end of the year

December 24th, 2010

The tours for this year are over and it’s time to have holidays with the loved ones.

I am very happy with the outcome of this year and I am sure that…

Tarja Live – I walk alone #2

Sorry for the bad quality

Tarja Live – I walk alone #1

Sorry for the bad quality

Tarja Live – Walking in the air

Sorry for the bad quality, i shot with a digital camera

Tarja in Milan – What Lies Beneath Tour 2010

December 21st, 2010 – Milan, Magazzini Generali Pics by my dad If anyone needs of them, write in the comment below and I will send you the UHQ photo Camera used: EOS CANON DIGITAL 400

What Lies Beneath European Tour – December 21st, 2010, Milan

I can’t still believe that finally, after 6 years, I saw my Queen of Ice, my Goddess of the music, that finally I listened with my ears her angel voice. This is one of the…

Photo Contest

Did you take perfect photos of Tarja and her band on tour during 2010?
Tarja wants YOU, her loyal fans, to submit photos taken during 2010 shows.
Tarja will hand pick…

Tarja’s blog #3 – Hi from the road

5th December 2010

I am having some time off in Lahti before we leave to Keuruu, Finland.

I will have my last Christmas concert in tonight. It’s been quite cold…

Tarja’s blog #2 – Back in the cold winter wonderland


24th November 2010

Let me say that I was not the only Finn whose face got serious when the plane landed at the airport in Helsinki. Why on earth our ancestors decided…

What Lies Beneath Dreamers Box Set: coming soon!

An impending revelation, a dream within a dream, a glance at all things hidden, a surprise. Discover the 500 units limited edition of the upcoming Dreamers box set from What Lies Beneath.<br…

WLB Europe 2010 Tour – Support bands

We are proud to announce the bands that will support Tarja during the tour:
The French band Markize will be with us in December 7th in Hämeenlinna and December 9th in Tampere,…

Tarja’s blog #1 – Sunny greetings from Buenos Aires!

October 19th 2010

It is so nice to be back at home. The sun is shining and I can go out for running every day!

The trees are green already and the city looks pretty. I enjoy…

Until my last breath – Tarja

Cannot cry it loud enough I’m giving up this ghost How can I still justify When you deny my voice In this nothing I am not allowed I just follow alone Words as weapons without a sound Echoes dying unborn Until my last breath You’ll never know Until you feel the silence When I am… More »

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