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love n’ struting — which photo is your fav?

so here’s the second batch of photos i shot for buzznet & i need your help again! CLICK HERE to see all 32 pics then leave a number “1” to “32” under each one as a comment to rank them in the order of your favorite to least favorite. the photo that gets the most… More »

Hanna Beth Struts It Along the Banks of the LA River

Audrey Kitching Jem Shoot – Behind the Scenes

80 NEW PICS!! Behind the Scenes Of Jem Photo Shoot

CLICK HERE to See All 80 Exclusive Photos Photographer: Wesley Klain Did you watch the video already? I should start an all-girl band huh…haha

Behind the Scenes on My Jem Photo Shoot for Buzznet

I did a big photo shoot with this rad photographer Wesley Klain exclusively for Buzznet. I always wanted to do a shoot inspired by the 1980’s cartoon Jem and the Holograms,so that’s exactly what we did. We spent the day at Smashbox studios in Los Angeles and I can’t wait to show you the final… More »

behind the scenes at the Buzznet photo shoot & CONTEST

Win Napoleon Perdis make up from me!!! Napoleon Perdis gave me some of the make up they used on me to do a contest with! To Enter: look through all the behind the scenes photos from my buzznet shoot with photographer Wesley Klain HERE. leave a comment on each one with what you think the… More »

dancing along the la river — Buzznet photo shoot

i just did this big shoot for buzznet with an awesome photographer named Wesley Klain. we shot a ton of pics in this crazy spot along the la river. i went to Napoleon Perdis first to get my hair and make-up done. my make up for the shoot was really fun…it was mod meets cleopatra…. More »

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