Checking Into ‘Hotel Transylvania’ (VIDEO)

Vampires and werewolves are all the rage these days, and Hotel Transylvania has all the supernatural creatures we love under one roof. Adam Sandler plays Dracula in this animated film about a monster-friendly resort.…

Worst Piece of Twilight Merch Ever

This is probably the sort of thing I could have held off on until Tacky Twilight Thursdays: Breaking Dawn.  But it is literally so bad I couldn’t help myself.  I have to share it now. 


There was no other news………

Seriously, was there nothing going on more important than this. Maybe if parents spent some more time with their kids instead of sitting them in front of the T.V. and computer they wouldn’t have to rely on their friends to be family. Also, this shit has been going on in the fetish world for a… More »

Vanessa Hudgens Getting Hairy in ‘New Moon?’

Move over, vampires.  It seems like it’s all about the werewolves these days. 

After all, just last week news came in that Taylor Lautner will be reprising his role as Jacob Black in <span…


So the final score for this EPIC battle, after just under 450 votes, is:


Stay tuned for a special post later today, celebrating all things vampire!

Except Twilight. If you…

FANGS VRS. FUR: FINAL REMINDER! (plus me ranting aimlessly)

Today is your LAST CHANCE to vote in the Fangs vrs. Fur poll!  Can team Werewolf pull out a come from behind victory?  Or will team Vampire triumph? 

On that note, I don’t know…

Fangs vrs. Fur: WEEK 3 SUMMARY

Slow week!  But after 140 votes, the tally stands at:

81% Vampires
19% Werewolves

Dude, werewolves, are you even TRYING?

Sorry about the lack of anything interesting this week, folks!  Things got a little crazy when I came down…

Fangs vrs. Fur: WEEK 2 SUMMARY

After 88 response at the poll, the results are currently at:

81% Vampires
19% Werewolves

Dude, the werewolves just need to go hide in the corner for awhile.

This week, in keeping with my month long theme, <a…


Everyone goes a little wild when the full moon comes out, but these folks take it to an extreme. Sexual prowess is good, but rawhide and flea collars are HARDLY romantic holiday gifts.

Fangs vrs. Fur: WEEK ONE SUMMARY

After 44 responses to the poll, the score is at:

Vamps: 86%
Wolves: 14%

So it looks like right now the werewolves are getting smacked on the nose with a newspaper.

This week we learned a lot about…

Fangs V. Fur: Why the Elves Were Excluded

Let me be the first to say I’m all about Elvish rights.  I’m a firm support of the Sylvan Inclusion Act of 1856, and I am the first to bitch slap anyone who wears a…


Poll is now open!  Go vote!  And stay tuned here for month long updates!


Just reminding you folks that Fangs v. Fur starts on Monday.  I don’t know if anybody’s even really interested in this, but I am never one to let go of something easily.  The winner…

Bad werewolf movies FTW…or FTF…

This post contains spoilers for “Cursed”In some ways inspired by Cleolinda’s “Movies in 15 Minutes”:All you really need to know about Cursed:Gypsy: You’re gonna die.Slutty Girl: Yeah right.Other Slutty Girl: What she said.Cute but geeky…

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