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Question of the Day: What are you doing this weekend?

If you didn’t know, today is Friday the 13th. That means that today is full of bad luck, misfortune, and black cats crossing your path. I feel like I need to take it easy today…

Busy Me

This week has been really really busy, especially from Thursday till Sunday. I had two full days at Uni on Thursday and Friday, then on Saturday I was out all of the day for a little bit of shopping with my parents where I bought these two awesome Jessie J’s tees, thanks to my mommy… More »

The Perfect Playlist For A Lone Weekend

My friend and co-administrator of Lost in the Stereo group, Antigoni, sent me a message, talking about the last week challange she thought “The Perfect Playlist For A Lone Weekend”, a playlist from…

Weekend Outfits: 6/17-6/20

I’ve been digging the hot weather lately – I finally get to wear shorts! Here’s what I’ve been wearing, and what I’m planning to wear for the rest of the weekend:

Friday – Lunch…

I’m just like a little kid when I open gifts

I’m waiting for Femme Fatale Premium Edition (today it should to arrive it to me! AAAAWWWW *w*)and a couple of minutes ago, rang on my door, it was the postman, of course and I was…

mermaid ring and my saturday

today i had a meeting with one of my interns about some exciting projects for Li Cari. I can’t wait to share share share hope you are all having a gorgeous weekend. wear lots of plastic jewelry xxoxo your favorite designer, Jazmin Whitley

Weekend in Mexico for Britney & Jason

She’s awesome! I can’t wait to listen her new single

this weekend

Panera with my boyyy. fittings with my gorgeous Li Cari model JACKIE for her upcoming shoot reunited with my friend Jennn (: church with the fam && lunch with mama such a gorgeous weekend. I’m excited for all the things i’m working on!! I’m having an event on Dec 15th so please check back soon… More »

HAPPY 9th of July.


I pretty much love every day in July! =]

4th of July is the best holiday. I just love how the sun goes down so late and having a BBQ with the…

My Fall collection

here is just a fun little picture of five dresses from my fall 09 collection. hope you like itt! this weekend was kind of lame =/ i didn’t do anything fun/exciting.I’m way tooo stressed! I have SO much stuff to do. so many different things going on at once. I hope I get a bunch… More »

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