Traineeship Day 3: Burning Irish CD & Discovering A New Musician

Yesterday I had my third day of internship.

It’s a quiet period so into the school of music, at least about recording studio, there’s not a lot of…

Tom Kaulitz Press Conference @ MUZ AWARDS Portrait

I really love draw and paint, Ive been in an art institute when I went in high school and portraits always have been my passion. When I took Tokio Hotels photos @ MUZ AWARDS I fell in love with this Toms photo and I decided to do a portrait and for the occasion I recorded… More »

My 1st vlog

Thanks for the support! Love you xo

We are… twins!!!

Hahahaha!!! Today I installed my webcam, and after a couple of hours it wasn’t worked, finally I understood why… and then I discovered a lot of effects to do with it! This is one, and I thought about Britney’s pink wig, and yeah… we are twins! xp Check out my blog about Till The World… More »

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