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South By So What Announces Lineup

Am I the only person counting down till festival season? I love South By South West and hope to attend this year! SXSW is known for getting the head start on up and coming acts…

Glitter In The Air: Gabbie’s Warped Tour Life Wrap Up

Hello BUZZNET, I’ve missed you! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA on the blogs but I realized quickly that blogging and doing my other job as the Kia blogger don’t mash well together (Only free time to blog was off days). So I’am currently back in Las Vegas for a mini vacation/ trying to figure out… More »

The Best Day Ever! My Very First Warped Tour: Pomona

Yesterday, June 20, I went to my very first Warped Tour! I was so excited to finally experience something that EVERYONE on Buzznet is super pumped for and to see some rad bands…

Punk Goes Pop….Again: Volume 5 To Feature Mayday Parade, The Maine & More

For the third year running, Fearless Records have slated a new “Punk Goes…” compilation album for release in November. Taking on “Pop” for the fifth time,…

Buzznet Exclusive: 18 Years Of Warped Tour With We Came As Romans

This summer’s Warped Tour will hit the road once again this weekend, along with lots of your favorite artists. To kick things off we wanted to chat with some of our favorite artists to reflect back on their <a…

Exclusive: One Word Interview With We Came As Romans At Bamboozle

I love getting to know people — what they like and what they DON’T like. At this year’s Bamboozle, We Came As Romans were my target and I found out a…

Bamboozle Dream Set Lists: Day 1

Bamboozleis rapidly approaching, and I am so excited to be attending the festival for the first time! I have been giving this weekend a lot of thought and have come up with my dream set list for some of the artists. Take a look and let me know what songs you hope to hear at… More »

12 Favorite “Merchies” Of 2012

SO just like drummers I feel like people tend to forget how important the “MERCHIES” on tour are. Without them you wouldn’t have all the awesome band tees you rock all the time! I decided to put together 12 of some of my favorite Merchies(I was told I had to add myself :p) and share… More »

60 More Bands Announced For Bamboozle!

Oh man, how stoked are Jersey kids and all music enthusiasts who are able to travel to Bamboozle 2012 this year? Let’s cut to the chase. The 60 bands added at midnight last night…

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