warped tour 2008

On the bus-Kevin Lyman interviews Paramore(Warped Tour 2008 in Houston,Texas.)

Warped Tour ’08: Roll Call – and Dos and Don’ts!

The Vans Warped Tour is SERIOUSLY right around the corner now and guess what?! I’ll be on some of the tour!!! I’m kind of totally excited. Anyway, I hereby deem this post the Warped Tour…

Warped Kickoff ’08: Katy Perry Steals the Show


Friday night was the Vans Warped Tour kickoff party! In addition to a ton of giveaways (a bass? An X-box? For real?) a bunch…

TV Guide interviews Gabe and ♥Ryland♥ of Cobra Starship

Discussions about yoga, cars crashing into buses, becoming a band and the infamous story of Gabe finding The Cobra in the desert. I think I may love them more than I ever thought possible. And if you guys need a shower on Warped, my place is available.

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