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Lauren Berger Shares Her Favorite Halloween Tradition

Buzznet sent me these fun Halloween questions! I hope you guys enjoy them!


What is the scariest memory you have from Halloween?…

The Walking Dead Valentine’s Day Cards

Well it looks like someecards has created 4 The Walking Dead zombie ecards for you to enjoy. There are two what I would dub classic zombie ecard saying and 2 new…

13 Zombie Toys That Are More Cute Than Creepy

What better way is there to herald in Halloween than with zombies? These grand marshalls of the Halloween Parade keep speeds down with their slow gait at the head of the pack. Rather than get all ooey gooey and gorey this time around (not that this gallery doesn’t have those), let’s take a look at… More »

New York Comic Con Day 2 Wrap Up

Your eyes do not deceive you: Saturday’s recap is going up on Sunday morning.  Why?  Because yesterday was SO INTENSE.

I spent most of it sitting the IGN Theater in order to hold a seat for…

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