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Does The Divergent Teaser Trailer Make Any Sense If You Haven’t Read The Book?

As an avid fan of all the latest and greatest and mediocre in Young Adult dramas, I read Divergent and Insurgent earlier this year. While the story is a bit silly, sometimes confusing, and very…

Were The VMAs The Scariest Event Of The Year?

The 2013 Video Music Awards had a lot going on. There were high points and low points, we laughed, we cried. One thing nobody can say is that it was boring.

There were definitely some cringeworthy…

Let’s Hear It For The Boys! MTV VMAs 2013

We have already given the ladies a look over, so let’s check out what the goys of the 2013 MTV VMAs were wearing! We have 30 Seconds To Mars, NSYNC and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to swoon over! What did you think of the fashion at this year’s VMAs? More For You Sexy And Skin Are In:… More »

Sexy And Skin Are In: 5 Trends That Ruled The VMA Red Carpet

What happened at the Video Music Awards last night? I think I may still be coming down from my contact high of all that craziness. While the whole thing may have been a tornado of WTF, the fashion on the red carpet was surprisingly succint and consistent. The color scheme of the night was black… More »

What Did Taylor Swift Say When One Direction Presented A VMA?

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Take a look at Taylor Swift‘s reaction to One Direction‘s VMA win for Song of The Summer. What do you think she said to Selena Gomez?


NSYNC’s MTV VMA Performance

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I just…. this happened and I will watch this a billion times this week. Thank you MTV and Justin Timberlake. 


MTV VMAs Bring Beauty To Brooklyn

The MTV VMAs brought the best beauty of the year to Brooklyn, New York. The biggest stars in music came out looking fresh including: Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and many more. Take a look at a few standout beauty looks from the night. Who do you think had the best hair/makeup? More For You: NYLON… More »

MTV VMAs 2013 Red Carpet Fashion

The MTV VMAs’ carpet was filled with amazing fashion! All the stars were out to show off their unique style. Take a look at the stars as the arrive on the blue carpet below and comment on your pick for best or worst dressed! More For You: Selena Gomez Covers i-D Magazine Kesha’s Style Transformation:… More »

21 Of The Most Memorable MTV VMA Moments

I have been watching the MTV VMAs for about 10 years, and each year between the performances and the fashion, something unexpected always happens. Take a look back at this gallery and see if you can remember these moments and discover a few new ones. Tune in this Sunday to see what happens at this… More »

Who Is Miley Cyrus Sitting With At The 2013 MTV VMAs?

This Sunday’s MTV VMAs are hitting NYC and we have some behind the scenes photos of where all the stars are sitting! Who is Katy Perry sitting with? And who is the lucky man sitting…

Taylor Swift’s MTV VMA Arrival Looks 2008 – 2012

Taylor Swift is not set to perform at this year’s MTV VMAs, but she has defiantly had an impact on the iconic award show. She is up for two Moon Men this year, including Video of the year for, “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Let’s take a look at her fashion moments from over the… More »

Miley Cyrus Leads A Gang Of Miscreants In Bane-Style Underground Army

“When Gotham is ashes, then you have my permission to die” or in this case “Miley is coming…

Dear MTV, How Did Paramore’s ‘Still Into You’ NOT Get A VMA Nom?

Today MTV announced all of the very deserving nominees for this year’s VMA awards — but I was disappointed to see Paramore left off of the list. ‘Still Into You’ was one…

2013 MTV VMA Nominees Announced

Here’s the list of the 2013 MTV VMA nominees! Some of our favorites like Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots and Thirty Seconds To Mars made the cut. Bummed Paramore’s ‘Still Into You’ didn’t’ get any…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Celebs Chat With Buzznet At The 2012 VMAs (VIDEO)

Oh back to school season – whether you love it or hate it, it can only mean one thing: it’s time for the MTV Video Music Awards! Arguably the most entertaining and…

Music Pills [Week #6 – VMAs 2012 Winners Edition]

This past week VMA’s was the highlight of the screen so why not dedicated this Music Pills serie to three of the winners of the biggest MTV event of the history?

Let’s start with Ri-Ri, Video…

Get To Know: California Wives

As I was watching the MTV Video Music Awards the other night, I was quite underwhelmed to say the least. In fact, it was quite painful for me to watch.

<img src="http://cdn.buzznet.com/assets/imgx/2/1/0/8/9/6/3/9/orig-21089639.jpg"…

My MTV VMA 2012 Recap (VIDEOS)

Last night the MTV VMAs put on a pretty good show. There wasn’t any drama per say but there were some great candid moments along with some killer performances. Here are a few of the…

Interviewing Celebs At The VMAS!

I was so excited to be working as the music correspondant for THE INSIDER at the VMAs this year! I wanted to share these amazing behind the scenes photos and also 5 things I saw/loved at the VMAS. #1- Watters CUSTOM made me my electric blue dress. CUSTOM. Like I was important. I was beyond… More »

Were The VMA’S A HIt Or MiSS?

Let’s chat about the VMA’s performances. I was pretty dissapointed in this years line up and thought that a lot of the artist took the safe right. Remember when the VMA’s use to be…