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Vblog: Another Day, another chance to whore out Urban Outfitters

We iz learnin’ to EDIT. Sorry it’s so long. Haha.

Vblog #7

Xgames, beaches, cupcakes.

Video Blog #4: Vague X-Games Recap

I’m going to sleep after I post this. Haha, can you tell? I’ve got my pillow ready and everything.

Video Blog #4: Bree the Vampire Slayer?

Should I do these at the beginning of the day so I don’t look so haggard? Haha. And this is the journal post I was referring to.

Video Blog #3

Birthday dinners and bags. And Urban Outfitters. I know, I’m predictable, right?

Bree learns how to make a video blog.

On a commercial break, in my living room. Totes breeattheendoftheday, forgive. Randomness.

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