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Sammi Doll


I may or may not have already done a blog on Sammi Doll, but nonetheless here’s another.

Please do check her out. She has a great voice, and…

Britney’s UStream Live

Britney just finished her Ustream chat with fans. She revealed her Femme Fatale Tour is heading to South America, announcing two dates, with 10 more on the way. Check it out! Britney Tweeted this message and the video above: It’s official – the Femme Fatale Tour is coming to South America!!!! Rio, Sao Paulo, +10… More »

Good Luck For Tonight Britney!

Tonight Britney Spears starts her Femme Fatale Tour in Sacramento, CA and for the occasion I had to record a little video with my wishes to her for her first show. Love you so much, my doll!

Tom Kaulitz Press Conference @ MUZ AWARDS Portrait

I really love draw and paint, Ive been in an art institute when I went in high school and portraits always have been my passion. When I took Tokio Hotels photos @ MUZ AWARDS I fell in love with this Toms photo and I decided to do a portrait and for the occasion I recorded… More »

Spring Trends!

This vlog has been edited by Dylan Rudolph, the daughter of Britney’s manager Larry Rudolph, she is really really cute and this video blog is such amazing and she talks about spring fashion. Britney tweeted this video saying: “OMG just saw Larry’s daughter YouTube video on Spring fashion, she’s sooooo cute!!” Thoughts?

Vlog #2 – Thank you so much Kat!

I never imagined to find a special friend also on Buzznet, but it’s happened, and I’m really really glad about it! Thank you so much Kat, for everything, love you so much xoxo

My 1st vlog

Thanks for the support! Love you xo

New Years Eve 2010 Videblog

Music: Queen for a Day by Dance Hall Crashers / Stitching Leggings by Kate Nash

Post-GC-Event Videoblog

Hair, makeup, Good Charlotte, EXTREMELY FAST LIVECHATTERS.

Things I Like

See? I like things.

Eles não são inimigos!

Pra quem dizia que Felipe Neto e Pc Siqueira eram inimigos, ta aí a prova de que não.

bookish vlog

i am a reading rainbow

Vlog: Q and A and a bit of sap

Well, you asked.

My Buzznet Anniversary Contest: How Well Do You Know Me…

So, I’ve been at Buzznet THREE years now, and so many of you have been following for every step! For fun, and because everyone likes free stuff, I decided to do a little contest to

Psychologically thrilling Disney movie

with a Happily Ever After.

Breesays Vblog: Lip sync time yeahhhhhh!!!

Party at my house. Haha. I’m ridiculous.

Breesays Vblog: New phone!

Quick one, I gotta download ringtones and all that, ya know.

PS to the “klutz” vblog

Did he really just say that?

Breesays Vblog: Muso, Jack Bauer & Vote for meeee.

Breesay Vblog: The Hills, OMG, I MET THEM!

Haha. Good times.