5 Reasons Why Physical Copies of Music Still Matter

What was the last album you bought that wasn’t downloaded? Do you still have the CDs you collected as a child? Don’t look guilty. Even…

24 Albums I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving

The impact music can have on a person is extremely powerful. There are albums that have made me feel ecstatic, confused, sad, empowered, understood, and etc…. The fact that a piece of art, particularly music, can make me feel any of those emotions is a testament to how powerful and important an album can be… More »

Candy Hearts Cover Descendents (Nothing With You) on New 7″

Our new “Miles and Interstates” 7″ comes out today, and I’M SO EXCITED. The B-side has a cover we did of our favorite Descendents song, “Nothing With You.” Plus, the 7″ also comes with the studio version + alternate version of our single “Miles and Interstates.” This is limited to 500 copies only, so once… More »

Would You Rock This?

So..would you?

Why Music Will Never Die.

With a cloud of doom cast over HMV, the future of physical music is in doubt but perhaps many are unnecessarily eager…

I’m #1 Britney’s fan!

I’m totally happy today!!!!

FEMME FATALE PREMIUM FAN EDITION is finally arrived, it’s such A W E S O M E!!!

Can’t wait to show it to…

Buzznet Goes to the Record Store

In honour of Record Store Day (or whatever it’s akshually called), Yasi, Stephzilla, y yo went on an adventure to to Amoeba (when it wasn’t Record Day at all). If you are ready to have a vinyl party, join us in this gallery that is better than going outside your house. Most of the photos… More »

Music Stuff 2/23

Britney meets Amy Winehouse.Everyone covers Bright Eyes. (musicslut)UK kids actually pay for their music? (emarketer)Will vinyl survive? (hearya)Design a poster for the Shins– and win! (subpop)

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