These Evil Women Are The Greatest Female Villains In Cinematic History

Some of them were real-life people, too!

Scariest Villains Of All Time!

With Halloween only 3 days a way, its time to celebrate all things wicked and scary! Check out what i consider to be the SCARIEST villains of all time. Ive included TV shows, movies, and even cartoons, as a really scary villain shines through in all forms! Are any of you terrified of these baddies?… More »

Hot Topic + Lola’s Halloween Editorial!

Last week I teamed up with Hot Topic for this Halloween-appropriate editorial: me as some of my favorite horror movie villains! Rather less scary, more stylized versions of them, of course. I opted…

Rooney, Brad, Viola, and Clooney Get Villainous for ‘Touch of Evil’


Director Alex Prager decided to get together with stars such as Brad Pitt, Rooney Mara, Ryan Gossling, George Clooney and others for Touch of Evil – Prager’s latest project turning today’s…

The Greatest Female Movie Villains

I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to be for Halloween this year–I have some promising ideas floating around but haven’t settled on the perfect one just yet–however, I’ve discovered a brilliant theme for costume inspiration: Female movie villains! Apparently, evil women and fabulous outfits go hand in hand. Or at least women who… More »

12 Vile Villains Who Haunt Our Nightmares

In honor of Halloween, I have produced 12 of the most vile villains that may at one point or another time, caused me to wet myself or have nightmares. If this gallery doesn’t make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, make sure to check out Jane’s Scariest Moments Gallery. We had… More »

The Troll – Cat’s Eye

Let’s talk about the glory that is Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye.. It is a marvelous little collection of tales that involve CATS, so already that is a win. In the last story, “The General,” this weird little troll thing that lives in the wall of the young Drew Barrymore’s room comes out, kills a bird,… More »

QOTD – If You Could Be Any Villain, Which Would You Be?

If you recall, we had a Super Hero QOTD on Wednesday. To combat this, we need to bring about the Nemesis Thread. If you could be any villain, ever, from anything you can think…

Heroes volume 3: “Villains” sneak peek

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