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Britney Shops For VMA Dresses In Boston

Britney shopped for VMA dresses in Boston, according to new reports.

“Yesterday, Miss Thang and her traveling Circus of black-suited bodyguards and hangers-on hopped out of a souped-up Cadillac Escalade…

Who SHOULD Have Been Nominated for a VMA?

The MTV VMA nominations have been released.  Usually, this is the sort of thing to be met with a lot of fanfare, much of it kind of ridiculous because, as awards shows go, it’s…

Bill & Tom Kaulitz Video Message For MTV Video Music Aid Japan 2011

Kaulitz twins thanks the fans for the winner in the category “Best Rock Video”

Best Hair of 2010 VMA’s

These were my favorite hair looks of the MTV VMA tonight. Who’s hair do you think takes the prize?!


Lady Gaga Won’t Perform at the VMA’s…DISLIKE!

Lady Gaga is all over the VMAs.  With a record-setting 13 nominations, including two nominations for Video of the Year, it seems like MTV would be ready to re-dub this the Video MONSTER Awards.

So it’s…

Rihanna @ the 2008 MTV VMA’s: “Disturbia/Seven Nation Army”

This was the opening performance of the night. And it was the perfect way to kick the whole shebang off! ZOMBIES WITH GLOWSTICKS!

MTV VMA Countdown: I Feel OLD

So, as it has been pointed out to me repeatedly, often as an insult, I am one of the older users here on Buzznet.  Yes, at 25 going on 26 I really should be thinking…

LIve VMA Blog

Why the fuck not?

8:49PM Dear Travis: The straight hair?  Mistake.

8:50PM Dear Paris: You are NOT Marylin Monroe.

8:51: HI PANIC!

Oh Dave Grohl, how you so awesome?

8:58: Yes, Linkin Park, you should…

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