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No Doubt To Rock Steady on Rock Band!

Just last month, No Doubt made two huge announcements: one, they are still working on a long awaited follow-up to 2001’s huge album Rock Steady, and two, they’ll be finishing the…

2009 Street Fighter: Notice My Lack of Excitement?

So, apparently I’ve been living under a rock.  Because if I had been anywhere else, I would have known about the 2009 Street Fighter movie and I would have done anything in my power…

Discussion: Video Game Racism?

With Halloween on Friday, it seems fitting that I’m writing an article that tackles two extremely scary topics: zombies and racism.

Fans of the Resident Evil video game series might remember a few months ago when…

Gerard Way Comes Up With Best Tie-In Video Game Idea EVER

Pretty much any video game fan knows there is one phrase that will ensure a game is likely going to be utter crap.

“Movie tie-in.”

Video games based on movies have a tradition of sucking pretty hardcore. …

Behind the Scenes: Hayley Williams Does Motion Capture for Guitar Hero: World Tour

So a few weeks ago, I reported that Guitar Hero: World Tour was going to feature a drum kit and microphone in order to keep up with rival game Rock Band 2. 

But there’s

Now You Can Be a DJ Hero, Too

Even though Guitar Hero: World Tour isn’t set to hit shelves until October 26th, Activision has already announced where it’s heading in the future: the turntable.

DJ Hero, a game two years


More of Mounty Oum’s fantastic fan service fight to the death.


The femme fatales from Final Fantasy go head to head with the delicious divas from DOA. And I prove my love for alliteration.

Back in the Day: Final Fantasy 7

Because 2004 doesn’t qualify as “Back in the Day” to me.

Sometimes a video game comes along that tells a timeless story.  A story we all know and love: Spiky-haired Boy with big sword meets Girl. …

Where’s My Man Skin? :(

So, earlier today, to make up for sending me links to the scary fetish Birdo costume (warning: clicking that link may be more hazardous to your mental health than clicking this one) my…


From the girl who brought you the illusion skull scarf comes this. It has MAGNETS IN IT!

One Night Only(?)

NERD Stain reunion concert!

Friday, January 25th, 2008 @ Chaotic Zen (if you don’t know where it is, then you’re not invited :P)

$10 cover charge, open bar, free pizza.

Pics from the show to possibly…

Nerd Stain Logo

The logo for my “band.” I am proud to provide primary vocalist duties. Also? Rock Band is the greatest game EVER invented.

Your Internet Gender Bending is NOT OKAY! (In China)

I have never played a MMORPG.  Mostly because I cannot afford subscribtion fees or another addiction.  But I have several friends who do, which is the plus side of attracting geeky friends: I have some…

LOST Video Game Trailer

Kinda cool, no? I would want to play in a scene where I get to makeout with Sawyer.

Hanna Beth and Marlon Merjos Hang With Heroes — Part Two

Hanna and Marlon talk soccer with Santiago Cabrera and video games with Masi Oka.

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