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Peta Campaign

Audrey Kitching: Cruelty-Free Beauty

Style maven Audrey Kitching has become an icon in the fashion world. Her unique aesthetic has earned her the title of Buzznet’s style…

Instagram Personal Photo Diary

My new instragram diary includes photos form my Irregular Choice NYC launch, getting facials, cooking vegan dinners, yoga, behind the scenes on magazine shoots, shopping and my favorite snacks! Instagram username AKITCHING MY LAST INSTAGRAM DIARY

Feed My Fridge With Your Thanksgiving Food!

My fridge is being sad and empty. Since it is Thanksgiving for some of us here on Buzznet, help fill my fridge with your feast of nomz! I want to see your food and more importantly, your versions of pumpkin pie. MMM I love pumpkin pie. If you aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving today, go ahead and… More »

Vegan Notes

Here are some useful things I found while researching being vegan.


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Becoming Vegan

I’m a vegetarian, and I’m considering going vegan. I know there are a lot of people out there like me, wondering how hard it will be to go vegan. I suggest doing what I’m gonna…

Celebrate National Hot Dog Day With A Vegan Hot Dog Party!

I haven’t eaten a proper hot dog in many years. Even before I was vegan, I thought that hot dogs were were the devil because they are full of pieces of things that are picked…

Dan Eldon for TOMS Shoes : My ‘Give, Shop and Gallery’ Adventure

I got these…I love the fact that they’re brand new but made to look dirty. Can’t wait to wear them at SXSW!

Reblogged from Armen Atoyan

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Lady & The Tramp Vegan Leather Bag

The Vegan Butter Leather Lady & The Tramp bags are up at, It comes in pink & white! I have been rocking the white one for most of last week…. i might switch over to the pink! Vegan Butter Leather > Real Leather The bags come with TRAMP pin & Dolly Bag Candy! Those… More »

Portland – Land of Beards and Vegan Food

I’ve been in Portland all week. I want to write bunches but I am lazy and interneting while under the influence of delicious. Here are some quick notes.

Here’s a photo of some bread.…

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