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Pepper Mint!! Official Video!

Pepper Mint!! Official Video!

Michelle Phan Makeup Tutorial — How to Create the Signature Tim Burton Gothic Look

Love this look…try it for day, night or even Halloween! We want to see your smokey Gothic look. Post your photos or makeup tutorial videos!


Well I finally saw the first Twilight movie last night [saturday] and I would love to say that I was impressed. Even though there were good moments in the movie most of it was pretty stupid in my opinion. So here I bring you my favorite vampire movies. Nosferatu the third movie to be made… More »

Seattle Smackdown: Harry Potter vs. Twilight

Hey, so, what are you doing this Saturday? Have time to be a passionate listener when Team Read puts on a Harry Potter vs. Twilight debate at the Seattle Public Library? Because that’s

Rpattz Wants To Crush Your Dreams

I’ve admittedly sort of backed off the Twilight beat because I can only handle so much. However, I thought some of you would be interested in what Robert Pattinson had to say when MTV asked

Catherine Hardwicke Not Directing ‘Twilight’ Sequel

In news you may or may not care about, “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke got the boot so she will not be the big boss when it comes to making, “New Moon.”


Prepare to be dazzled, you fabulous humans, you

We’re stoked to introduce our shiny new feature, The Big Story—a tasty collection of news, photos, columns and essays from Buzznet and members like you. We’re always happy to inject a little new blood into

Twilight Sequels Get Greenlighted

“Twilight” movie-mania is about to send fangirls into dazzle-induced seizures and—although the movie opens next week—there really is no end in sight. [cut=Say what?]

Well, I guess that’s a bit melodramatic—it’ll end, just anytime


In anticipation of Twilight, we’ve done a few lil’ community projects. We got some succulent reads for the Fresh Meat/Vamp Date task of last week. And now you have a much, much simpler mission–find some…

Reminder: Fresh Meat + Vamp Date Tales Deadline Approaching

This is a kind, but slightly firm reminder that you have until November 7th to wow us with your Twilight-inspired stories.

What’ve we got so far? A lot of fresh meat, including a foreign exchange

Jared – The Sexiest Vampire

I don’t know what posessed me to turn Jared into a Vampire, it just seemed right for this pic. LOL 😀

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