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Valentine Inspiration

it’s time to bust out those heart sunglasses & overdose on cute candy.. ha valentines day is around the corner so i thought i’d put together a gallery of inspiration im not the biggest fan of valentines day.. but i do love all the heart shaped items… are you a fan of valentines day?? xoxo

Valentines Day

So exicted for Valentines Day its going to be amazing i need to start looking for a red dress!

New Hairstyle

Yesterday evening I was at friends’ home with my parents and my sponsors at confirmation. It’s been a really cute evening, with a huge dinner (I was blowing up xp) and we had a lot…

5 Songs for a Little…Um…*Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge* on Valentine’s Day

So we’ve dealt with the happily single and the vengeful, but hey, there are some people who actually spend Valentine’s Day with someone else.

And maybe…um…DOING things.  Maybe just dancing dirty with someone in…

Red Rose

Headband: Vintage Belt, Sunglasses: Virgo, Dress: H&M, Shoes: Alice & Olivia, Bag: DIY, Earrings: Borrowed

Chandelier earrings and chunky wedges. I can’t deny my…

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