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V-DAY Inspirational Gallery

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovely Buzzneters! I put together this romantic gallery with my favorite quotes, photos, romantic movies and anything linked to this day. This is dedicated to the most precious person in my life, the one whose made my heart beat faster for the last 6 years. Thanks for turning me… More »

Question Of The Day: Who Was Your First Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Boo Boo Bears! Despite my constantly grumpy outlook on all things breathing, I am in rather high spirits because everyone else is feeling wonderhugs. Today shouldn’t really feel any different than any…

The Best Accessories To Rock On A Date

Accessories are fun way to add some “oomph” to your outfit, especially on a date when you are stressing about what to wear. The easiest way to “dress to impress” but not over do it is to toss on your favorite go to dress and add some adorable jewelry! Tomorrow is a day that many… More »

Valentine’s, Shmalentine’s: 4 Tips & a Playlist to Make This Valentine’s Your Best Yet

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. The day where you pretty much hear it all: “it’s a manufactured waste of time and money,” “it…

Looking Back: Artists Share Their First Crushes

Hate it or love it, Valentines Day is sneaking up close and its a day to celebrate love. Whether you’re spending it with a significant other or with your friends in the single heart’s club, we can always reflect back on the days in elementary school passing out valentines to the whole class, and having… More »

What I Love?

How I can describe the love?

L- laugh, liberty, lifetime, light, loyalty, luck
O- open, original
V- validity, valuable, variety
E- ecstasy, Eden, emotional, energy, epic, equal, experience

Question Of The Day: Who Do You Want To Be Your Valentine?

I’ve been trying to write out this Question of the Day for about 2 hours now but mostly I was distracted by burritos, the internet, and then I was coloring a little bit in photoshop…

What I Love…

Ok, I reminded to have an amazing pic I shot a while ago and I thought to use it for this little V-Day project. I know it can sound banal and obvious, but I completely love music, it’s something I can’t describe with real words, probably only who feels the same or very similar can… More »

Be Your Own Valentine: The Buzznet Valentine’s Day Badge!

It’s that time of year, Buzznet, when everyone is gross and in love. Nevermind the massacres that occurred on those dates in years gone by because this is a day for lovers! It’s Valentine’s Day

BUZZNET’s ‘Love Yourself’ Google Hang With The Buzzmakers

In celebration of Valentine’s Day and Buzznet’s month of ‘Love Yourself’ we hosted a Google+ hangout with Buzzmakers Dani Vitale, Keltie Colleen and Mandy Jiroux. Watch the girls discuss all things love and…

BUZZNET Obsession: Dani Vitale Valentines Day Favorites At Blackheart

February makes me think of reds, pinks, hearts and sexy little outfits! I got to take stop at Blackheart and look at what they had in store for this month’s “love” trends…

Singles Valentines Day Survival Guide

Ok let’s be honest Valentine’s Day is really just a commercial holiday that get’s the economy going. I have never been one to take it SO serious, although, it can’t really be avoided! If you are single, don’t worry here is a list of 17 things you and your friends can do and beat the… More »

Show Your Love With Heart Shaped Food! Yum!

Valentines Day is just around the corner and you know what that means…heart shaped EVERYTHING! What better way to show someone (or yourself) you care about them than putting some extra love into something special from the kitchen? These heart shaped treats are super cute and a fun way to spice up your cooking! They’re… More »

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve: 63 Heart Inspired Clothes For V-Day

Valentine’s Day is just one week away. I have been getting inspired by all the heart clothes and accessories that are in all magazines and online. Hearts don’t have to be just for Valentine’s Day, hearts are perfectly acceptable all year round, they just feel extra special around this time of year <3 I love… More »

Pink Hair Inspiration

It’s no secret we are all about colored hair and what better way to celebrate Valentines day than with pink locks? I’ve pretty much been every color in the book except pink, could that be next? Take a look in the gallery below and get inspired by all the pretty shades of pink hair! Which… More »

PHOTO DIARY: Grammy Week, Buzzmakers, & Cookies

What with Grammy week, jury duty, writing sessions, meetings, and a slew of events to attend, this month has been relatively overwhelming. But the worst of the craziness is over (our jury’s verdict was guilty on three counts of murder), and now my many colorful hair choices of the past few weeks are all on… More »

Who Did Zac Efron Spend Valentine’s Day With?

Hollywood hunk Zac Efron has sure grown up a lot since his High School Musical days and people (namely the ladies) are really taking a notice! The 24-year-old hunky…

Flashback Friday: 10 Valentine’s Day TV Episodes We Love

Nothing is more memorable than Ralph Wiggums’ card to a kind-hearted Lisa Simpson that read “I Choo-Choo-Choose You” on the Valentine’s Day episode of The Simpsons. With the…

Cute Hearts Tattoos!

love, love is all that gives this February, I’m so inspired, that here I leave one of the most beautiful heart tattoos I found! I leave here with much loves!. xoxoxo

Valentine’s Day Diary With Jazmin Whitley

Happy Valentines Day month everyone! Last week I posted a gallery on High Fashion Valentine’s Day Attire and this week I thought I would answer the questions Buzznet asked me! Here are some…