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Must Go….Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise

Must go….Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise A mall called Venus Fort neat the Haneda airport in Japan has opened an indoor theme park called Hello Kitty Kawaii paradise and as you can guess, it’s designed for all the Hello Kitty lovers, having the world famous feline inspire everything from the space to the food to the… More »

Celebs On Vacation

With summer just around the corner, there’s so many things to look forward to: music festivals, movies, and the best thing about summer… vacation time. And who knows how to go on vacation than the celebs! From out-of-the-country trips to frolicking on exotic shores, celebs give us inspiration on where and how to relax and… More »

25 Beach Must Haves For Summer!

Not sure if you all knew this but I am spending this summer in GREECE with my momma. So I need to get packing for the beaches in Santorini! WEEEEE!!!!! I am so excited. I put together this list of things that everyone needs to take to the beach! What’s in your beach bag?! xx

Keltie Colleen’s Mexico Getaway!

Swoon took me to Mexcio this weekend to get away, get focused and get some sleep. I’ve been working my tail off! We went to check out the sites, and possibly find a place to host our wedding (next year) I’ve seen all these amazing blogs on my favorite wedding site Style Me Pretty about… More »

Photo Diary: Christina + I’s Best Friend Disneyland Girls Trip Adventure!

I was so lucky to have my bestie Christina in town this week. She has been all over the planet and the UK performing on awards shows, writing the wedding scene song for Twilight and being the most kick-ass singer songwriter in the business. Since she was in Germany and missed my epic 30th birthday,… More »

HELL YES: Beyonce Releases Family Photos Via Tumblr

Beyonce has gotten us one step closer to making my dreams of becoming her best friend a reality. Yesterday marked the 4 year anniversary of Queen B and Jay Z, so to help us all celebrate (as we were planning on doing anyway) they have released a ton of photos to a Tumblr aptly called… More »

Rihanna Puts The BAD in Barbados

With these cold winter days upon us this holiday season, many celebs have opted out of the seasonal cold weather for some tropical, warmer weather, including Katy…

Photo Diary: Mexico

Guys! I finally went through the pictures from Mexico City. Let the photo blog begin.


The first day we were there I dragged my dad to La Lagunilla, a market which apparently is not the type…

VayCayCay Time

I probably won’t get a chance to blog for the next 5 days. Tomorrow I’ve got to wake up at 5:45 am to catch an 8:30 flight to San Diego, California with the parentals. I’ll…

Grand Canyon – Land Of Many Shenanigans

This past weekend, I ventured to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. If you don’t know what the Grand Canyon, it’s this giant hole in the desert that was carved by a river and stuff that…

Goodbye Home.

Erika and I are leaving for Ohio in 6 hours. I need to get some sleep before then. Be back Friday evening.. but I probably won’t get online until Saturday.

MyThanksgiving vacation can be summed up easily:


Bar in Aruba

sunset in aruba


Malibu Beach House

Malibu Beach House

IMG 0320

Malibu Beach House