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NYFW 2010: Style360’s JoonBug Party

Photo: Last Nights Party

Saturday night I was at Capitale for the Style360 and Fashion Week farewell party for…

What are Your Thoughts on ‘Ugly Betty’ being Cancelled?

ABC anounced that this will be the last season that we’ll be seeing Betty’s Bracey smile.

Goodbye Mode Magazine
Goodbye Style Extravaganza

The Executive…

Emmy ’07 round up

Ugly Betty, The REALITY Show?

VH1 is prepping an Ugly Betty reality show. Not even kidding.

The premise: What happens when unattractive women are thrown into the
high-glam environment of the fashion and modeling…

Wednesday Buzz 4/4

Heidi from The Hills got a boob job. I’m sure Spencer was there, cheering all the way. (BWE)For once, I wish the cover of the National Enquirer were true. (Pop Bytes)Awesome graffiti artists make Madonna…

Tonight on TV: The OC, Juvies, Grey’s Anatomy

There was a huuuuge earthquake on The O.C. last week, which really had me on the edge of my cheap IKEA futon. This week we see who suffers in the aftermath. I hope Kiersten didn’t…

Ugly Betty on Jay Leno

She is so endearing. I love her.

Uggs + Miniskirts

In the Feb 5 Edition of People, America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) had a little rant about this (un)fashionable pairing.Obviously, this doesn’t work in all parts of the world, but I see it in OC all…

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