Style Transformation Of Nicole Richie

It is crazy to think that Nicole Richie started off as Paris Hilton‘s side kick on The Simple Life. She has transformed so much over the years, she tossed the Uggs and picked up the elegant gowns. Now is she not only wearing gorgeous clothes, she has two clothing lines of her own! Impressive right?… More »

Hot or Not? Jimmy Choo Ugg Boots

Clearly this is a completely rhetorical question as these shoes are HIDEOUS. But since my eyeballs were assualted by this image so early in the morning, I felt I…

Biggest Fashion Faux Pas?

Which is the worst fashion blunder?

1. Crocs

2. Uggs

3. Pants that don’t fit right (too small, too big, weird crotch area)

4. Logo…

jessica simpson in uggs

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